Infinity Slab range by Cruso Granito

Anand Patel, MD of Cruso Granito talks about Infinity Slab range

The brand name Cruso is inspired by the world-famous English novel – Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe is the tale of one man’s survival on an uninhabited island following a shipwreck. It is a story of unmatched bravery, grit, and striving to innovate. The brand takes inspiration from this story and constantly strives to bring about unique and excellent groundbreaking products to the market.  Their latest offering is the Infinity Slab.

 It is human nature to crave for the semblance of peace, beauty, and wholeness in our environment. Infinity brings that special touch to the atmosphere. It is a porcelain slab that combines the established classical characteristics with very new high-performance qualities like ultimate strength with lightweight and required ductility. It is characterized by seamless lines giving unmatched décor and an arresting view of what Cruso brings to the table.

Exploring the brand’s idea of constant innovation further, Anand Patel says that, “In a world of clones, we are the architects…in our heads, we are clear right from the inception of Cruso that we will always make products that break the stereotype and become market disruptors in both design and utility”

 Infinity Slab promises to do both. There is a growing appetite for style and aesthetics in consumers worldwide. This trend inspires Cruso and it prides itself on being associated with the values of quality, service and innovation.

In conversation with Anand Patel

>> Tell us about your new venture Infinity? When are you planning to launch Infinity?

Infinity is a whole new level of porcelain slabs. It is a solution for endless creativity and design. It will provide tailor-made solutions for all the flooring and decorating needs. All these will be under the name of Cruso Granito. The plant is located in the province of Morbi, near Wakaner. The production capacity currently will be 12,000 sqm/day.

Technology is the main key factor in making such an amazing product. The conventional process with the up-gradation of the latest technology and automation will be used in making these slabs.

One of the machines we will be using is the largest ceramic tile press available in India currently (only one of its kind in the country) and some really amazing coloring and decorating machines, which are also one of their kind in the country. World-class handling equipment will also be used for slab handling. All these will be monitored by our safety regulations and precautions.

 >>Tell us about the product range, sizes, colors of these slabs?

These slabs would be available in various sizes: 1200x2400mm, 1200x1200mm, 800x1600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm. The design portfolio of these slabs will be so amazing that people will feel the urge to replace natural marble with these slabs. Also, a much-anticipated range of large format Double Charged slabs is also in the offering, which is the first time in the world.

 >> How much R&D was done by the company before rolling out this product?

The company’s most valuable asset is R&D, and we have studied each of the minor aspects of the product before launching the INFINITY.

 >> What kind of response are you expecting from the market for INFINITY?

The market is already responding positively to these slabs. Demand and acceptance for large formats are also evolving and there is increasing demand. We hope to have a positive response from the architect and interior designer communities too.

 >> What are your plans for the future?

We will continue to strive for up-gradation and innovation in our products and keep coming with something new.

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