Qualicer closes its 2020 edition

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Qualicer closes its 2020 edition

Qualicer closes its 2020 edition with the recognition of companies that have collaborated in its 30 years of existence, The World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality Qualicer closed its XVIth edition with the participation of more than six hundred professionals from 16 countries.

The two days of the Congress have stood out for the massive presence of specialists in each of the areas that have been analyzed in the featured sessions, panel debates, presentations, and posters, held throughout the congress.

The forum, which is an international reference in its field, brought together the latest advances in R&D, as well as inputs that have an impact on the constant improvement of the ceramics competitiveness.

Qualicer provides responses to the biggest challenges in the sector and does so with a guarantee of success. Throughout this congress, their were key contributions from the speakers which had to do, among other topics, with the globalization of ceramic quality, technological leadership, threats of substitute products to tile, color management, the North American market as a great scenario of opportunity, design or industry 4.0.

Almost a hundred papers and posters were presented, with six featured sessions and relevant names of the international production industry.

The closing ceremony of QUALICER had a public recognition to the companies that have been collaborating in its development throughout its 30 years of history in all editions: the fair entity Cevisama, Endeka, Esmalglass-Itaca, Ferro, Fritta, Grespania, Sacmi, and Torrecid.

Now there are 2 years ahead until 2022, in which the organization will work to generate content that helps companies face effectively and efficiently the new challenges presented to the sector.

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