Slabstore by System Ceramics

System Ceramics redesigns storage: the new Slabstore is presented to the market

System Ceramics, the Coesia Group brand, announces the launch of Slabstore, the latest solution designed for optimizing the storage and the management of large-dimension ceramic surfaces (and not only). Slabstore is the result of intense research and development aimed at meeting the unique needs of major slab producers.

This innovative automated storage solution offers a series of advantages that will radically transform the way that large surfaces, whether ceramic or of other materials are managed and distributed. Besides flexibility and modularity, Slabstore also allows for significant energy savings, in line with the Group’s sustainability goals.

System Ceramics

Slabstore, in fact, actively contributes to reducing environmental impact: thanks to cutting-edge handling and transport systems, the use of energy is optimized and operating costs are significantly reduced. Designed to adapt to the specific needs of each customer, Slabstore allows for the personalized selection and packaging of slabs, ensuring unparalleled precision in storage operations.

Thanks to its modular nature, moreover, the system can be easily extended and managed to meet the growing and changing needs of producers. A lifting capacity of up to 300 kg in weight and a gripping structure with 15 suction cups enable practical and efficient inventory management with an optimized distribution concept.

One of the main challenges today for stocking large surfaces in the industry is the efficient management of the growing demand for ever smaller and more diversified lots of slabs. With Slabstore, manufacturers can more easily respond to these market needs, optimizing operational efficiency, reducing overall inventory administration costs and, therefore, improving productivity and competitiveness in the global market.

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