UNStudio project in Bangalore

UNStudio project in Bangalore, India

Dutch architect UNStudio has unveiled the new Karle Town Centre (KTC) masterplan in Bangalore, India. While UNSense – the arch tech company founded by UN Studio – is collaborating with Karle Infra to curate the use of sensorial technologies throughout the masterplan. KTC is a development that aims to define Bangalore locally and inspire the whole of India to ‘lead by example’ when designing future urban destinations.

Karle Town Centre, which is currently under construction, enjoys a direct connection to the city’s ring road arterial and expanding metro lines. It is positioned prominently next to the established Manyata Tech Park with scenic views over Nagavara Lake and is designed to act as a natural magnet for people and activities in the urban panorama.

Architect Ben van Berkel says “Traditional masterplans focus on the general layout and urban planning. Our Urban Branding Manual, on the other hand, concentrates on experience and how to translate this experience into reality. With a network of specialists – sometimes more than a few hundred people – you need a clear vision and strategy to stay on course over the long duration of the project. The Urban Branding Manual helps the client to realise this ambitious undertaking.”

The design of the KTC masterplan focuses on the cultural perception of health, security, connectivity and scale while respecting deeply rooted Indian traditions and beliefs. While security is highly prioritised, the design of the urban plan reflects an open and inviting campus; a place where people can garner a new impression of India.

The masterplan is highly permeable for both pedestrians and vehicles, seamlessly blending the two. A system of streets transitions smoothly into designated drop-off points, while underground roads reduce congestion, thus ensuring minimal transport time and facilitating noise reduction.

By connecting multiple destinations together in a green and shaded environment with limited vehicular traffic, the masterplan encourages pedestrian movement while offering respite from an otherwise bustling urban context.

Karle Town Centre emerges from Bangalore’s dense green canopy as a series of branded contemporary buildings that will define the city’s skyline. The dynamic white volumes painted in UNStudio and Monopol Color’s unique and patented ‘Coolest White’ ultra-durable paint provide a contemporary identity to Karle Town Centre masterplan.

In KTC the landscape and architectural language complement each other and together shape the elements of the urban environment at all scales, from the design of the planter edges to the architectural features found in the landscape, which merge and blend with the green pockets and roofscapes of the building facades. The interwoven forms, along with the sensitive integration of nature within the architecture, will let visitors know that KTC is Bangalore’s ‘Garden City of the 21st Century’.

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