World Ceramic Tiles Forum

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World Ceramic Tiles Forum

World Ceramic Tiles Forum 2019 was hosted in Berlin, Germany. The 26th edition of the World Ceramic Tiles Forum took place in the city of Berlin – Germany on 6 – 9 November 2019 and was hosted by Bundesverband Keramische Fliesen e. V. and the European Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers Federation (CET). The 2019 WCTF was organized in conjunction with the ISO TC189 Plenary Meetings.

This edition of the Forum was notably attended by representatives from Turkey, Brazil, the USA, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, China, Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, and Mexico. The WCTF provides an opportunity to discuss global trends in the production and consumption of ceramic tiles.

The objective of this Forum is to discuss issues of common interest such as national and global trends in consumption and production; national or international standardization issues (ISO TC 189); key regulatory developments affecting the industry’s competitiveness; trade statistics, barriers to trade, review of HS/customs codes and sustainability, environmental performance, regional initiatives promoting ceramic tiles.

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