8 Statement Bathroom Tiles for 2022

8 Statement Bathroom Tiles for 2022

Bathroom tiles are big this year, check some of the best! Designer bathrooms are very much in now-a-days. When we are designing a new bathroom or looking to revamp our space, the first thing that comes in our mind is the choice of tiles which can go a long way in informing the look. Bathroom tile trends are a great place to start for inspiration to get the most out of this addition. Bathroom
tile ideas are incredibly versatile, and most can be used no matter how large or small your space. The statement tiles which will give a whole new different look to your bathroom space and which will last long is what one cares for. And the year 2022 is all about these statement tiles that are hard to ignore.

Creative Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic has been the favorite choice for bathroom. There are so many options available such as natural stone mosaic, glass mosaic tiles, mother-of-pearl, agate tiles, semi-precious stone tiles, crystal mosaics. Stone mosaics are small chips of the same or different colored stones, put together into a tile, which is perfect for wall highlighting, bathroom walls and floors. Glass mosaic tiles, Crystal mosaics and Mother-of-Pearl Tiles are available in a diverse range of aesthetic colors and are great for highlighting, backsplashes, and walls.

Large-size Lavish Tiles

The statement large format tiles capture the sophisticated look. White is simply one of the hues that will always be in style. Bathroom colors of 2022 get creative within the limits of all things white. The white marble look makes it more appealing.

Pop up tiles

Geometric and 3D-look tile has really come into its own in the last decade, finding a place in rooms of just about every style. Triangular 3D tile is right at home alongside a marble and wood vanity in this fresh bathroom that toes the line between traditional and modern.

Patterns and Shapes

The various designer pattern tiles commonly known as the honeycomb pattern, these bathroom tiles designs are trendy and come in a range of different sizes and colors. The design possibilities are infinite when it comes to mixing and matching these tiles. They are perfect for bathroom floor tiles designs, and you can get as creative as you please. They’re also well-suited for unconventional spaces (like alcoves or creative murals) as you have the liberty to experiment with three to four different colors. Just make sure that they are a harmonious combination of color tones so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

Subway Tiles

Subway, or metro tiles, have been popular for several years now – and for good reason. Unsurprisingly, metro tiles are one of the most interesting bathroom tile trends for 2022. This year’s adaptation of the classic is by pairing the simple tiles with bold paints and wallpapers, or clashing with another tile shape.

Wood- Look Tiles

Overall, trends are moving towards more of an organic feel than in preceding years which means more natural, tactile materials on walls and floors. Since wood can swell and shrink in an uncontrolled environment, wood-look tiles are a great alternative. As one of our favorite bathroom tile trends of 2022, vertical tiles can also make a room appear bigger.

Bold Black Tiles

Black can never go wrong. Bold black larger-format tiles give a look that is to die for. These tiles with the combination of gold and black color give a contemporary look.

Trendy Terrazzo

Updated and modernised versions of retro materials are making a comeback thanks to their authentic and distinctive style. While terrazzo was originally designed as simple and affordable flooring it has progressed to an on-trend necessity in modern bathroom designs. With many color schemes to choose from, terrazzo tiles are easily coordinated with taps, towel rails, and shower tile ideas for clean and effective results.

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