8 Ways To Get a Royal Wood look with Tiles

8 Ways To Get a Royal Wood look with Tiles

Craving for wood look, but need something low maintenance and low expense? Check out wood-like tiles that help you achieve both! Wood-look tile was destined to become popular. It’s practical, more affordable, and offers a wide range of choices between textures, colors, and tones. Low maintenance allows it to be used anywhere from kitchen to bathroom, places where wood doesn’t last long. There are unlimited effect and color options available offering sophisticated parquet finishes as well as a reclaimed wood texture look. All you’re left to do is decide the look you desire, here are a couple of options to help you choose!

Natural Wood look tiles

Even though most wood look tile is made of porcelain and ceramics it looks so natural and convincing at times, it can be difficult to tell whether it’s real or not. If you’re trying to create a warm, inviting, traditional living room interior this is the effect you want.

Rustic Oak tiles

The most realistic wood effect design by far, Rustic Oak Tiles seem to come alive with textured wood grain and raised knots! They have a perfect likeness of natural wooden floorboards, but they offer a maintenance-free alternative! For longer versions of the same tile, try Royal Oak Tiles.

Wood Effect Contemporary tiles

For a lighter approach to a wood effect floor, try these Contemporary Wood Effect Tiles! Light-colored tiles help to make a room feel larger, brighter, and more refreshed. They have a comforting cream hue.

Vintage Wood tiles

One major design trend is the idea of creating a vintage, period look in an interior space. With their charming parquet effect design, these Vintage Wood Tiles are perfect for injecting some vintage character into a bathroom, kitchen, lounge, or hallway!

Reclaimed Wood effect tiles

Walk around an interior design show and you’ll notice an abundance of reclaimed wood products! From flooring to furniture! Re-purposing wood is a big trend, and it results in truly pieces with a great sense of character!

Vintage Wood Plank tiles

Available in a huge selection of colors, the Vintage Wood Plank Tile collection is perfect for use outdoors! With anti-slip options, they offer a gripping, durable, and stylish alternative to garden decking!

Ornamental wood effect tiles

The smallest wood effect tiles are the 280x70mm Ornamental Wood Effect Tiles and are also the most versatile! They’re ideal for creating an eye-catching herringbone feature across your floor spaces!

Estrellar Tiles

Wood effects aren’t all about plank-shaped designs and pretty parquet! There are some eye-catching patterned pieces too which are perfect for creating a statement floor in an interior area. These Estrellar Tiles have a stunning star-shaped design.

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