Tips on maintaining tiles in winter

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Tips on maintaining tiles in winter

AV Mallikarjun, Assistant Vice President- Sales & Marketing, Aparna Enterprises share some tips on maintaining tiles in winter season

A warm and cosy home becomes a necessity especially during winters, when most of the time is spent indoors. In India, some parts experience intense winters, and hence it becomes crucial to keep the weather conditions in account, not just while choosing the right building materials for your home but also maintaining them. One of the elements that adds to the comfort inside the house in extreme weather conditions is home flooring.

That being said, when it comes to floors, tiles are the most common and trending material to work with. They come in a variety of, colours, shapes and designs. Tiles also possess versatile properties and can be used on different surfaces. They are durable and comparatively economical too. With the right kind of choices and the right type of maintenance tile flooring is indeed the ideal option, irrespective of seasons. This article will explore some of the most effective ways that one can adopt to maintain their tiles in winter season.

Always complete repairs before winter sets in: A tip that will go a long way is to always finish repairs much before winter sets in. Tiles are sometimes prone to cracks and dirt, especially if it has been quite a long period since they were laid. It is ideal to prepare beforehand and complete repairs before winter as it may take a while for the sealant to completely dry in winters. It might even result in additional cleaning and repairs as half-dried adhesives may bring in more dirt, germs and other problems, to the surface.

Remember to clean surfaces regularly: Home owners today are ready to invest in tiles that look luxurious. However, no matter what tiles you choose, a certain amount of cleaning has to be done to maintain that luxurious look. In winters, it is important to mop away the moisture that may cloud the surface due to frost, so that it is not slippery. Aside from this, the most basic thing to do would be to sweep regularly so as to get rid of the dust and crumbs collected over the surface. Mopping the surface with clean water and very gentle disinfectants will also help keep the surface tidy. One must always remember to wipe the excess water thoroughly, and give enough time for the water to dry. Careful cleaning should also be done along the grout lines to get rid of the dirt and condensation that have been accumulated.

Usage of external accessories: No matter what the season is, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the surfaces remain clean and dry. Especially in areas that involve a lot of water usage like bathrooms. Placing rubber mats and rugs in bathrooms help absorb the excess moisture and keeps the area slip-free. It is advantageous especially in winter as they provide the much needed warmth and prevent accidents. Care has to be taken to ensure that these mats are regularly cleaned so as to prevent germs from accumulating in these areas.

Installing vitrified tiles: People who are building new homes and/ or looking to renovate their existing homes could consider installing Vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are estimated to be the new rage in terms of the consumer demand. They provide infinite scope for customisation and are also very luxe in terms of appearance. As an added advantage, vitrified tiles are good conductors of heat compared to other tiles, and they have the ability to quickly adapt to the temperature of the area. The top surface generally stays slightly colder than the room temperature, and covering floor with mats or rugs creates the much needed comfortable and insulated floor inside the house. Draping rugs in the living room spaces ensure that they are safeguarded from external damage, and it also reduces the need for deep cleaning.

Another unsaid rule is to always choose tiles that are slip-resistant. Vitrified tiles work differently in different temperatures, so if your house is in an area that has intense winters, always choose materials that can withstand these weather changes. When it is cold, home is always the best place to be, but not if the entire time is spent hopping on floors trying to avoid the cold, or by fixing cracked and dirty tiles. Always do your research, ask the experts and remember to look for slip-resistant tiles.

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