Digital Tabloid Edition – Dec 2022 Issue 4 Vol 32

The Tiles of India Weekly Digital Tabloid Edition – Dec 2022 Issue 3 Vol 32

This week, we have featured Project Gomila, done by MVRDV and GRAS in Mallorca, a colourful collection of buildings. Also, know about Architect, Ramu Katakam’s latest book, ‘Spaces in Time: A Life in Architecture’ which traverses through his design journey. We share a small profile of his life and work. In our style sheet, read about Japandi, an elegant fusion of modern Japanese and Scandinavian design principles which is becoming a trendy style, we share eight tips to create this style in your own space!

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Project Gomila in Mallorca by MVRDV

Ennead Architects

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum designed by Ennead Architects