Digital Tabloid Edition – June 2021 Issue 4 Vol 14

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The Tiles of India Weekly Digital Tabloid Edition – June 2021 Issue 4 Vol 14

Good design is no longer just the domain of the specialists. The extensive internet reach, a bold outlook that is ever ready to experiment has created a new breed of design enthusiasts. This issue comes with a special offering for our smart design enthusiasts who are looking to upstyle their walls. We have the 8 best statement wall ideas for you to explore and create magic in your living rooms. Sustainable restoration is a challenge, read how architect Jamshed Banaji and Nirmala Banaji of Banaji & Associates faced this challenge headlong to restore Coirato Villa in Aldona Goa. Modica has a beautiful Mediterranean vibe that is reflected in an intense juxtaposition of the traditional with the modern in Modica Boutique Hotel designed by Architects Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi of CaberlonCaroppi in Italy.

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Coirato Villa

Sustainably restored Coirato Villa in Goa by Banaji & Associates

Modern classic villa

Modern classic villa in Riyadh by Karim Abdul Muttalib