Trending season colour

Gray is the trending season colour which will rule home decor scene introduced by Havwood India 

Grey remains one of the most popular neutral shades for decorating our adobe. Shades of grey are hugely versatile – from cool off-white shades, through to warmer neutral mid-tones to the very deep and mysterious charcoals. But the experts believe there will the shift from light shades of  2019 to even lighter shades for the coming year. More towards, white-washed and beachy feels. Some colours that will be trending are Blondes, Whitewashed, Honey, Gray, Greige (a combination of grey and beige) and High Variation. As a colour with many undertones, it’s the ideal choice for adding different shades, to enhance the tone within it and give the look more personality.

In Wooden flooring too, Havwods India suggests Grey will remain the ultimate choice. Aashish Poojari at Havwoods India says, “Like last year, apart from hand-scraped and wire-brushed, you will see more distressed wood flooring. No more shiny wood flooring, people will continue to opt for more sophisticated flat finishes like satin and matte along with the traditional oil finishes. This is a hot choice for young homeowners, Diagonal / Angled wood floors – Gives a modern and chic look, Wide plank floors – A popular choice for small spaces, as wide planks make the room look larger and Mixed –width floors”


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Artist Fabio Viale

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