KI Rug by Karim Rashid for Illulian

The bespoke Illulian, the Milanese brand of luxury handmade rugs, presents the new Ki Rug and the new versions of Ether and Info by Karim Rashid

Ki Rug Ki is a tribute to oriental culture and evokes an irresistible energy that inspires movement and change. It is characterised by a geometric pattern full of energy and vitality and stands out for its intriguing design. The use of bright colours such as fluorescent yellow, contrasting with the black background, emphasises the soft curves of the concentric lines that are the protagonists of the design. The shape of the rug matches the geometric design, creating an optical illusion of depth and movement. An authentic explosion of life that transforms spaces, giving them character and personality.

Info (version B) The new versions of Ether and Info are characterised by neutral tones and new colours. Revised in colour, these models feature complex geometric patterns made up of lines of varying thickness that capture the essence of movement. Delicate and refined, Ether plays with shades of beige, offering a visual spectacle of refined restraint and low contrast. Info features an abstract design with a golden milleraiesque motif. Its unusual and fascinating shape follows the geometry of the decoration, presenting a profile defined by sharp, irregular edges that enhance its originality and modernity.

Part of Illulian’s Limited Edition Collection, the rug is knotted and carded by hand and enchants with the colours appeal provided by the brilliant vegetables’ colours used. It is available in two qualities Platinum 120 and Gold 100: Platinum 120, the most exclusive line is characterized using top-quality wool and silk and the extremely complex handcrafted process – with a stunning 180.000 knots/m2 – that creates spectacular sculpted effects. Gold 100 proposes rugs made from wool and silk, with a timeless charm and a density of 152.000 knots/m2.

Ether (version B) In addition, Illulian’s Custom Made service, the brand’s ace in the hole, makes it possible to create a completely bespoke rug to meet any type of request and personalisation: colours, patterns, sizes, and shapes are specially designed to create exclusive, unique pieces. These prestigious pieces can be chosen for both residential and contract applications such as museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, and nautical solutions.

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