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An artistic penthouse in New York by Boca Do Lobo

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Boca Do Lobo

Boca do Lobo design studio has teamed up with a private client to collaborate on a unique interior design project, an artistic penthouse in New York.

An artful experience in the middle of New York city making a killer first impression was the key inspiration while creating the atmosphere for a luxury home setting. The project is a luxury 1450 square feet contemporary penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectible design and the client’s need to have a functional workspace.

Any New York Penthouse is expected to have a statement-making entryway, to welcome guests in the most luxurious fashion. To achieve such an amusing ambiance it is important to choose the right design pieces, patterns, and style. The big Lapiaz Round Mirror introduces the feeling of an art-filled space, sparking the curiosity of what will come next. The Angra Sideboard is fully covered in black high gloss, and it gently lies in an unexpected curved golden base conceived from hammered polished brass, inspired by the cliffs of the historical city of Angra do Heroismo in Azores Island, Portugal. Paired with the glamorous Soleil Gold Sconces this room is the first look to see when entering a dream, luxury modern penthouse. 

Living room

In a wide and bright room, the living room is one of the main areas in this opulent French apartment. It is surrounded by art and romantic sculptures that call back to Ancient Greece. This space is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary, in an artistic symbiosis. The aesthetic of the space is defined by the combination of its colors, shapes, and materials. The cream tones in the textiles of the upholsteries, the gold of the brass, and the earth tones of the marble bring the perfect balance and harmony to the room.

Lounge area

Setting the mood can be a tricky task, but music is almost always the answer. In such a refined interior design project, no detail is left to chance, so a collectible edition grand piano is a must. In order to enjoy a smooth and gathering atmosphere, the Imperfectio armchairs provide a soothing and relaxing corner.

Living room

A luxury modern penthouse demands an even more luxurious and over-the-top welcoming space. This opulent environment is surrounded by a monumental marble wall that pairs the gold accents with the beautiful finishes of the design pieces. The Soleil seating set and the imperfection armchair have two completely different styles however complementing in a harmoniously elegant way. 

The metamorphosis center table coupled with the Stonehenge side table brings a natural feel into this artful room, with outraging details that break the mold of contemporary design. Collectible design is essential when thinking and visualizing an exclusive home. To decorate the gathering area, the imposing Hera gallery-worthy décor is not limited to the Kaws pieces, Round II Suspension Lamp lights the mood of the entire open space including the chic dining area. The living room design is completed by the amazing White Garden rug provided by their partner, Rug’s Society.

Dining room

Neutral tones are used to combine multiple design concepts into one cohesive ambiance. Seemingly a simple style, this dining room is filled with unique furniture pieces which are far from ordinary. Starting with the complex finishes of the Soleil dining chairs, which feature handmade gold lions on its back, and the elegance of the bespoke Empire Round Dining Table, both these pieces enhance the majesty that is the Oblong Cabinet, creating the perfect mix between delicate and imposing inspirations.


The office space should be a balance between creativity and practicality, and there is no reason to compromise on either. Taking center stage in this office setting, the custom Boulevard Desk is an example of this duality. The bookcase which covers the back wall of the area defines the professional side, while the pattern in the modern rug combined with sumptuous Venice Wall Mirror and Lapiaz Sideboard appeal to the artistic vein of the work environment. The grandiose Alder Rug by Rug’s Society completes this luxury office.

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