Sarah Zohar and Boca do Lobo project in Miami

Sarah Zohar and Boca do Lobo

Sarah Zohar, interior designer, and director of Sarah Z Designs has designed a residence in Miami that has all-natural elements with some unique Boca do Lobo furniture.

Located in BelHarbour, a small luxury village in Miami, Florida an amazing interior design is paying tribute to what surrounds it. Sarah Zohar, director of Sarah Z Designs firm, also based in the city, was responsible for the project and had as her main goal to tell a story and perfectly capture the client’s personality.

The interior combines with the outside, as BelHarbour is a luxurious and exclusive village, so the project truly expresses the vibe of the surroundings. Sarah was inspired by the nature that encircles the place, as well as by her love for science and wildlife, and that is well visible. Examples of that are the pebble lights, blue shades in fabrics, rugs, and wall-coverings that remind the ocean, as well as natural stone and nature-shaped pieces.

According to the designer, “the elements: water, sand, stone and lots of glitz, were the starting points for the design“, and the living room, Sarah’s favourite room, perfectly embraces this logic. Combining natural materials, such as stone and wood, with nature-inspired shapes as the Eden Center Table and pebble lighting, the living room is most definitely the focal point of the interior design project.

Boca do Lobo has to be a part of such an incredible project, and the brand’s pieces meet the inspiration behind it. The Lapiaz Oval Center table in the bedroom reminds us of the authentic karst formations. The Glance Mirror in the entryway embraces the perfect imperfection of nature, while the Eden Center Table in the living room represents a part of a tree. Boca do Lobo was truly the perfect choice for this interior design project.

Marco Costa is the designer of the Boca do Lobo’s design pieces present in this project. Marco Costa uses “responsibility” and “challenge” to describe his position at Boca do Lobo. Aware that he still has a long path ahead, Marco Costa uses this motto as a motivation to improve himself and his work every day, empowered by his experienced and skilled team, which he claims “they always go beyond the expected, always improving and trying to be better every day.“

Marco also needs to have an inventive mind, with no boundaries, that fully embraces the brand’s essence. But where does he find his inspiration? The answer couldn’t be easier: from the most exquisite artists around the globe to the nature-inspired pieces of art, simple objects and sculptures, and even in the texture of the different materials that he can find.

At Boca do Lobo Design Studio, the team works by closely following the design world while still being artists at their core – in essence it is a crossover of art and design. Even though his drive is to create new experiences and explore new materials and techniques, Marco Costa also never forgets that “functional” is a mandatory part of every design and says, “We want to create pieces or objects of art that are a part of people’s lives that can be passed from generation to generation”.

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