Knightsbridge Manor house in London designed by Home’Society and BRABBU

Knightsbridge Manor

Knightsbridge Manor is the new house designed by Home’Society and BRABBU located in Knightsbridge, London displaying astonishingly unique design choices that make it into a sensorial masterpiece.

Knightsbridge Manor is the new house designed by Home’Society and BRABBU, that is located in Knightsbridge, London. This house has an amazing artistic vision with the purpose of creating a unique ambiance and harmony within its design. After managing to create the beautiful Paris apartment, and the Madrid one, it is time to take over London with this magnificent manor.

The ‘Illustrious’ Knightsbridge Manor is located in Knightsbridge, London, and has 301,52 m2 | 3 245,53 sqft of astonishingly unique design choices that create an intensely unique ambiance, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Filled with sophisticated rooms and details, we welcome the family who lives in it to experience a world of dreams. 

A true sanctuary that evokes various emotions, including harmony, and visual thrills, this house proves to be a sensorial masterpiece where moments can feel truly alive. The city where royalty lives has a great influence on the home’s striking visuals, providing a royal sense of utter fantastical luxury through the shapes and forms of intense elements that all-around turn this home into a majestic space where dreams roam free.


With its involving greenery, this hallway evoked the magic of the lake where the lady sleeps. Providing an almost mythical melting carpet that flows as if water through the floors of the entryway, creating a dazzling effect that leaves all who see it in a wonderful daze.

Living room

Just like the astonishingly majestic crown jewels that have been in the British Royal Family for entire generations, so was this room designed to accompany a family for decades to come. The golden shine that emanates from some of the furnishings in the room together with the warm color explosion of some other elements evokes the grandeur of the detailed jewelry that shines as bright as the sun when hit by the glorious sun.

Dining room

This dining room reflects just that: with a stunning wall panel reflecting the image of all those who enter this amazing dining chamber, possibly prompting them to maybe wish for the same thing as Dorian did. Dining rooms are the direct expression of a family, it is the place where most families gather after a long stressful day over good food and good conversation, so this dining room not only reflects the beautiful family that lives here but also their need to bond and connect with comfort food and furniture.


This kitchen is the symbolic achievement of the intense harmony of the styles that reigns supreme over Knightsbridge Manor, perfectly blending contemporary ideas with classic styles within the same home.


Just like many have fought to be able to own their own space inside certain places, so have these parents conquered the honor of owning their dream bedroom, a room filled with passion, intensity, and amazing colors that perfectly blend into a harmonic visual melody that is impossible not to feel astonished by. From the unique shapes on the rug to the incredible mirror that faces the bed, just above the fireplace, this space is a true sanctuary, a well-deserved prize.


This bathroom is a grand design statement that firmly states its power above all designs, featuring golden lines that infuse one’s eyes with incredible wonder and awe. Its shine is as bright as the shine of the specter held by hundreds of kings throughout history, and it features some of the most beautiful modern design elements one could hope for. This bathroom is itself a jewel, and its intensity is simply astonishing.

A luxurious style statement in design!

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