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Spain Calling…

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Blur Arquitectura has recently renovated a restaurant named La Catedral in Spain.


Octavio Pérez Monfort, Alex Ortega Borrás and Enric Farrerons Garcia formed Blur Arquitectura in 2005. They have recently renovated a restaurant named La Catedral in Spain.


Given the challenges and the tight deadline, their work is truly commendable. They divided the structure into two distinct areas: server space and space served. The server houses the necessary functional area for the restaurant that includes the kitchen, bar, toilets, office, dressing rooms, refrigerators etc. A coated glass allows visitors to partially see how the place functions. A wine bar has been specially designed for this project. The simplicity and elegance of ceramics helped create a parallel with the cuisine served at the restaurant. The light oak furniture lends warmth and elegance. A simple and basic lighting, suspended from the ceiling, lends the necessary warmth.


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