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The Arc Le Salon in London

The Arc Le Salon

The Arc Le Salon, London, offers an amazing aesthetic with the sophistication of discreet luxury

Arc Le Salon is an attractive and exciting new venue where luxury and discretion are guaranteed for every guest. With an amazing aesthetic provided by the highly stylized and unique ambiance, a place to be tantalized and tempted, and tasting products of the finest quality. Sam Hunter, the owner and also founder of Hunter & Gold, an aspirational Lifestyle Services company located in the heart of London and that offers some of the most exclusive services to its clients, has envisioned the Arc Le Salon as the meeting point for their VIP clients who visit London from all over the World.

The lounge will provide a memorable experience with passion and flair in the newest and most luxurious establishment in the heart of Mayfair. Decorated with an Art Deco vibe inspiration for the architecture and mid-century modern for the design of the furniture, using various hues of pastel colors for the fabrics, this luxurious space is quite a journey through time, reminiscent of the roaring 1920s. With this decoration aesthetic in mind, Covet House was the perfect choice to provide the lounge with exquisite deluxe furniture pieces.

With various distinct areas, all transpiring an exclusive aura, worthy of the best of the best, let’s begin with the Lobby, where you are greeted with a powerful and fresh ambiance. A fantastic and fresh reception welcoming you to a luxurious and tasteful experience. The Main Lounge is where luxury meets discretion. Arc Le Salon’s lounge was created for that rare moment of tranquillity. A professionally curated selection of cigars, its retail tobacco range to sample and unwind, and also a wide selection of award-winning and limited-edition products are available for purchase.

The pastel colors in this project are the perfect homage to nature, providing a fresh appeal and exquisite deluxe look throughout the Forest Lounge and Cafe. Pieces from Covet House’s mid-century modern-inspired brand Essential Home, like the Ellen Dining Chair, fully upholstered in exquisite pastel velvet bring personality and uniqueness to both areas.

With its distinctive open curved back, Ellen Dining Chair is extremely sculptured and it contrasts with the slim legs made of polished brass. It is upholstered in velvet and has mixed tones both on the back and the round cushioned pad.

With the forest and floral wallpaper, the fresh flowers on the dining tables, and the dropping ceiling plants, it all comes together for a soothing and almost magical ambiance, this ethereal area features three best-selling pieces from Covet House’s partner brand Essential Home, the Marie Dining Chair that incorporates all of the mid-century elements into a contemporary vision. Its construction features slim legs made of polished brass, a round pad upholstered in seductive velvet and a round back. It has no armrests, so it is also perfect for casual interiors like bars or restaurants, making it the perfect addition to this exquisite lounge.

Also, its composed by a corner area that incorporates the Sophia Single Sofa, which draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Mid-century Modern Design. It is upholstered in a neutral-colored velvet, stitched from the top to the bottom. The base is made of gold-plated brass and it has button tufted sides. The slight degree reclining turns into the ideal lounge sofa. Complementing the tropical rainforest look is the Gable Single sofa, inspired by the heartthrob icon Clark Gable. It is upholstered in luxurious cotton velvet, sit-on-top of a polished brass cylindrical base that swivels. Its low back and armless structure others a bohemian twist on a classic lounge chair style.

In the Cafe area, besides experiencing design at its finest, you can select from artisan fair trade coffees and sought-after sustainable teas or take a moment with family, friends, or colleagues to enjoy Arc Le Salon’s extravagant pastries and cakes. And why not try perfectly hand-crafted cocktails or mocktails chosen for their unique and exciting taste and presentation? You could also request something particular from the wide selection of charming wines, bubbles, and spirits from the deluxe bar.

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