Summer Decor Trends for 2021

Summers are about an easy, breezy style, we bring to you some fresh ideas!

There’s something so distinctly beautiful about summer decor. Those breezy fabrics, muted color palettes, natural fibers, and contemporary influences associated with the season make it feel like bringing the sunshine indoors. Here are a few ways to incorporate summer design trends into the year-round decor. With Caffe Latte, we help you to preserve that summery vibe at home for the rest of the year with summer decor trends for 2021!

The Minimal Way  

This isn’t the first time minimalism has been featured as an interior design trend, and it sure won’t be the last. Interior designers have been building on minimalism to take a more meaningful design that is clean yet functional. Minimalism is more than just empty, open spaces. When the sun decides to grace with its presence, the light will shine through, giving a glimpse of the summer to come!

Keep It Neutral 

White, ivory, pale gray, and beige are all colors usually associated with summer beach homes. But, neutral colors are gorgeous all year round, which is why they’re one of the biggest interior design trends of 2021. The thing about neutrals is that they give an excellent backdrop for whatever color scheme wanted. So, to incorporate a bit of color into a home decor at any given point, it becomes relatively straightforward. Neutral furniture will do a beautiful job, providing the backdrop for those hues.

Making A Statement 

Making a Statement a big comeback in the summer of 2021! With more and more people opting for an open space layout and minimal design, the popularity of bold statement pieces has been steadily growing. It makes for a great focal point while also putting your quirky tastes on display. The only requirement is a stand-out piece and let it be the conversation starter with family and friends alike.

Breezy Feel 

Light, airy fabrics are usually associated with seasons when you can keep the windows open, but it’s easy to keep those textures on display year-round. The easiest way to do this is to pick out pieces made of lighter material so that they provide the coziness and warmth needed. Get that breezy feel in your home, especially in the summer season. This timeless trend brings a bright airiness to a room, making it look more spacious and clutter-free, in a way.

Let The Sunshine In 

One of the best parts of summer is the natural light coming into space. The most significant interior design trend for this year is homes featuring plenty of natural light, so interior designers over the world are recommending it. While it may be challenging to achieve this, especially in small and constrained spaces, maximize the light coming in, by keeping windows open or using sheer curtains can be a possible solution. Otherwise, in bigger atmospheres, great windows are a clear choice, to ensure that every room is always flooded with natural light and a cozy feel.

Range of colors

Season will emphasize the desire for a range of color that inspires ingenuity and inventiveness, colors whose versatility transcends, and allow for more freedom of choice, lending themselves to original color statements, whose flexibility easily adapts to a more fragmented lifestyle. Full of bright and light aspects, the different colors will bring calmness and freshness, combined with the feel of daylight, in order that every room smell like pure nature and style.

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