Best Anti-Skid / Slip Tiles

Anti-Skid / Slip Tiles

Slipping on tiles is a very common phenomenon and can cause serious injuries. Here are some of the best anti-skid/anti-slip tiles to avoid such accidents!

Anti-skid or Anti-slip tiles are designed with a better grip in mind to reduce the risk of slipping where they are installed. They have an anti-slip floor coating to keep friction high even when the surface is wet and soapy. The common materials used for anti-skid tiles are porcelain and ceramic which are well-suited for the outdoor purpose as well because they are resistant to graze and blemish, and hence lend a sense of timelessness to the designs.

They are also helpful for bathrooms and kitchens, where slipping is a common scenario. However, there are many other places in the house where anti-slip tiles can be useful. For example, washrooms are another common room of the home that is prone to water spills.

The area around a swimming pool is another common space where accidents happen. Also, areas that get a lot of rain outside might want the installation of anti-slip tiles on them to make the tiling experience a safer one. Anti-slip tiles are different from normal porcelain or ceramic floor tiles.

Normal floor tiles are notoriously slippery and might lead to serious accidents or falls. On the other hand, anti-slip tiles have been treated with a coating that reduces the slipping risk. There are a plethora of options available that add a touch of glamour and vibrancy to your spaces with Anti-skid tiles. The reasons why one should go for Anti-Skid tiles because they prevent accidents, reduce friction, low maintenance, last longer, and are easy to install. So here are the 8 best Anti-Skid tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles with matte-finish or textured ceramic tiles with a COF value of more than 0.6 can offer good grip and are slip-resistance which makes them anti-slip tiles which are useful on floors in the bathroom area and outdoor suitable areas.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are more popular than ceramic tiles because they are comparatively stronger. Anti-skid porcelain tiles work the best. They have an anti-slip floor coating to withstand high friction even when the surface is wet and soapy. This prevents any possibility of slipping. The anti-skid porcelain tiles are well-suited for outdoor purposes also because they’re durable and lend a way of timelessness to the designs.

Cement Tiles 

Cement tiles have a naturally rough and porous surface that qualifies to the basic standards of slip-resistant tiles. These tiles are a great way to impart a vintage look to your bathroom and are available in bold and traditional colors and patterns.

Natural Stone Tiles

The rough and irregular surface of some natural stone materials increases the grip on a wet floor. Natural stone creates an anti-skid surface by breaking the thin film of water into smaller droplets. This material can be installed as slabs or can be machine cut into square or rectangular tiles.

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