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Deco Haus bungalow in Chennai by Farah Agarwal

Deco Haus bungalow

Designer Farah Agarwal of The Chestnut Storeys has designed a Deco Haus bungalow in Chennai, a pure celebration of modern chic blending with regal vintage

Chestnut Storeys, is a state-of-the-art design studio in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that specializes in avant-garde interior and exterior solutions projects for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces, as well as personalised accents and reliefs for a stir of eclecticism. Headed by Farah Agarwal, the multiple-award winning designer who believes in experimenting with different styles from contemporary to art deco interiors. Understanding a client’s vision and translating it into exquisite home furniture, furnishing and interiors is a key stimulus for each project. The studio is currently working its wonders across several cities in India and has managed to land a slew of high profile projects that have perched them on top of the industry. Not just India, but the brand kick started their first international project too in Germany in 2020. 

Designer Farah Agarwal

Their current project Deco Haus, a residential bungalow located in Chennai, is a celebration of the modern and vintage. The Deco Haus is a work of art within art. This 25 year old structure was completely revitalised through contemporary and antique art pieces, structured design, idiosyncratic arrangements and meaningful colour schemes. Arches and strong lines dominate the walls of all the rooms in one way or another, providing an interesting depth without taking away from the artistry it surrounds. Every room was carefully constructed keeping in mind practical usage, while experimenting with the concept of old meets new meets unique. Rich in art, artefacts and conception, the design was intended to bring both an overarching concept to life, while focusing on the details that could provide perception. 

Formal Living Room

Through the art displayed across this room, we see the contemporary twist in design that brings a sense of importance to the whole space. From the Art Deco flower bust by artist Venkat Bothsa and the Paresh Maity artwork on the wall behind to the 3 dimensional layered design across the walls, the composition of the room breathes refinement and polish. The neutral toned mosaic bust adds elegance, while the piano against the wall adds class, with a promise of music and memories to be made. 

Informal Living Room

While all eyes are drawn to the carefully carved Yali, the rare artefact blends seamlessly into this room that highlights the intricacies of the wild in it’s details. The shadows of dark wood displayed in the furniture are tied together with the plush lounger with a statement rug that extends almost the entire length of the room.

Dining Room

The large red dining table stands proudly in the centre of the room, playing on light and colour. A wild branch frames the wall, offering a medieval touch to the room, mirrored in the dramatic side boards upon which the candle stands rest. Over the deceptively flowing counter of the bar rests an abstract splash of a Krishnamachari Bose work.


The bar area is a perfect juxtaposition of modern meets Mughal with the flowing pattern of the bar unit and the Rekha Rodwittiya on one wall and miniatures from the Mughal era adorning the other framed wall.

Family Room

A lush and welcoming sight, the family room was created around the concept of comfort and fun. Emerald green with accents of brown and tan, this room speaks to the playful nature of what the room is meant to be used for. Artwork by Bibhu Nath lining the walls and the playful bronze statue provide for a touch of culture, without distracting from the theme.

Master Bedroom

A glimpse of the classic, this room boasts a tufted bed with a lush grey headboard and accents of a simple yet elegant colour palette. A true blend of style, the Preetha Kannan set of art works fitting in perfectly above the bed and in between the oversized wall lamps. Meant for the masters of the house, this room displays their subtle yet eclectic taste.

Son’s Bedroom

Filled with light that illuminates the royal blue of the walls, this room speaks of a casual yet carefully planned concept, perfectly in line with the occupant. A suspended bed offers an impressive addition while being practical, freeing up more space around the room. The blue backdrop is Bandana Kumari artwork adding an edgy layer to the wall.

Daughter’s Bedroom

A large four poster metal bed with almost Victorianesque flowing gossamer curtains dominates this room, providing an ethereal feel. A dainty mural of a blossoming tree against the pale pink wall on one side and the cozy bird’s nest chair on the other, complete the room and the dream behind it.


A true juxtaposition of cultures, an elegant bedroom with a four poster bed with classic lines collides and the traditional, with a motif embellished headboard and Kavadis lining the wall.

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