Aparna Enterprises Limited shares emerging floor tile design trends

Aparna Enterprises Limited

A V Mallikarjun, AVP sales, Aparna Enterprises Limited shares the emerging floor tile design trends for this season.

Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL) is a part of Aparna Group which was founded in the year 1990. AEL prides itself in having the largest market share in South India through a range of businesses in building-material products, such as RMC (ready-mix concrete), uPVC Window and Door Systems, uPVC Profiles, Tiles, Sanitary Ware & Kitchens, Aluminium Window & Door Systems and Facades & Exteriors. Their leading tile brand Vitero offers never-seen-before designs and shades in the Indian tile industry. The company manufactures floor and wall tiles with consistent quality and uniformity in size, color, and design. Holding the largest Gas-Fired Kiln of 265 meters long, Vitero manufactures Double Charged Vitrified Tiles by using the latest nanotechnology.

A V Mallikarjun, AVP sales, Aparna Enterprises Limited shares with The Tiles of India the emerging floor tile design trends for this season. 

When it comes to choosing floor tiles, some believe bold is beautiful; while others believe that minimalistic is the way to go. Right from the base material to the construct, floor tiles have evolved over the years. Same is the case with floor tile design trends. Over the past few years, many vintage designs have made a comeback. At the same time, consumers are willing to experiment with new designs that are in the market as well.  

No matter what the preference, it is vital to understand that the floor tile design sets the tone for the interior. It is literally and figuratively the base of an interior décor plan. For instance, large format tiles create the illusion of space due to minimal grout lines while patterned tiles work better with small spaces. In this article, we explore some stand out floor tile design trends that have emerged in the past year; 

A splash of color or a lack thereof: Homeowners today aren’t afraid to experiment and are increasingly using different colored tiles inside their homes. The selection of color comes to the picture basis the objective that an area serves. Blue tiles emerged as a recent favorite for office spaces as well as for spaces used for relaxation, as blue evokes emotions of trustworthiness and liveliness. Black tiles are luxurious looking, and if used in a large space give an air of sophistication. There has also been a demand for green tiles, as green signifies a connection to nature. But the color (s) that never really go out of style is white and off-white, or different shades of these colors.  White and even different shades of white are perceived to be pure, balanced colors that make an area look very spacious and calm. One thing about white or off-white is that they are always in style, and one can never really go wrong with them.

Going bold with patterned tiles: This style is all about being unique as well as adding a pop of drama with distinctive patterns. Using patterned tiles in a small area is a visual treat for one’s eyes, and it livens up a space significantly. Patterned tiles in a small space like a bathroom, or used as an accent to distinguish a space, have resulted in pleasing results. Moroccan tiles and tiles with geometric designs have gained popularity in 2021, and it is a trend that will go beyond this year

The opulence of marble: Marble has been synonymous with ideal flooring since time immemorial. There is an air of splendor and simplicity associated with marble. It is something that instantly appeals to every consumer no matter what the space is. Off late, we have seen preferences shift to marble finish Glazed Vitrified Tiles because they are cost-effective, easy to maintain, easy to install, and extremely durable. Consumers today can achieve the same luxurious look and the feel of the marble at affordable rates. The painstaking maintenance measures that come with the traditional variant can also be minimized with the marble finish glazed vitrified tile.

It’s wood but not really wood: Wood flooring has to be one of the most coveted floor designs of all time. The quintessential homes with wooden flooring that we’ve seen in films have inspired most of us. However, floors made of natural wood are a luxury that mother earth cannot afford. Designers and clients who look to go eco-friendly but wish to have wood flooring are increasingly opting for wood finish vitrified tiles. This is an effective solution that combines the coveted aesthetics of wood, with benefits that natural wood cannot provide.  Unlike natural timber that is incredibly dependent on extensive maintenance and prone to rotting when wet, wood-finished vitrified tiles are really easy to maintain and won’t rot or warp when they get wet. As an added bonus, the vitrified tiles offer a range of wood effects that are difficult to match with natural wood. Wood look-alike tiles have become one of the hottest floor tile trends of 2021, and it is here to stay for long.

Tiles, if chosen correctly are hands down one of the best investments for any home. It saves the hassle of remodeling and the added costs that come with it. The only question that needs to be carefully answered is “Will these tiles fit the look that I want? Will it add value in terms of comfort and ease of use to the space it will be laid at? ” Once you find the answers to these questions If you want to go bold, choose Moroccan style tiles, or tiles with patterns and designs and pair it with the right furniture. Minimalism remains evergreen and all-time favorite trend. This season has seen many homebuyers going bold with their tile design choices and it looks like this trend is here to stay. 

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