An urban refuge home designed by Rachna Agarwal

An urban refuge home

Designer Rachna Agarwal, founder of Studio IAAD has designed a contemporary home with bespoke furniture by Boca do Lobo, where architecture, interior design and art find the perfect luxurious balance.

Studio IAAD is an award-winning architectural and interior design firm founded by Rachna Agarwal, located in India’s millennium city of Gurugram has designed an urban refuge house in New Delhi, India collaborating with brand Boca do Lobo, which seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques around the world by understanding and interpreting the past, through technology and contemporary design.

Located in the leafy bylanes of an urbanistic area in the heart of New Delhi, the dynamic Indian capital, this contemporary home is the nestle of a respected luminary in the cinematic industry, that finds balance beteween his contemplative look of nature, combined with his love for the metropolitan city character. With a sheer monolithic wall, this house priveliges privacy and its architeture seeks a clear distinction between the overpopulated neightbourghood, as the heart of the home is securely ensconced within an envelope of screens and flora. On the inside, art and bespoke furniture rule, being one of the must-haves of the client. Boca do Lobo is the perfect match for this project, combining art, design and craftsmanship as no other.

Stepping inside this amazing construction, the interior is as well conceived as the exterior. The unobtrusive entryway leads to an amazing ground floor and basement, created mainly for social funcionalities. With a perfectly balanced mix of customized, upcycled furniture and luxuriantly finished interiors, the lower ground is a cohesive convergence of art, architecture, and recreation spaces. It houses a spacious den and entertainment area, with a quirky, contemporary bar bringing the place together.

The ground floor is marked by a social living area, where a luxuious bar area stands out. This space perfectly makes a connection to the client’s life as the wall is decorated by pictures of the cinematic classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The rooms in this floor as the dining room, an open court and a bedroom are also marked by the art pieces, carefully chosen by the client who is an avid collector with a distinctly global, refined taste for art pieces and sculpture.

The futuristic staircase is the perfect transition to more quite living spaces in the uppor floors, where it is possible to find a master bedroom, a kids bedroom and a family lounge replete with custom-designed furniture and art-pieces. 

Entering the family lounge, the piece that catches the eye is the gold and black Synuous Console by Boca do Lobo. This luxurious design expresses not only the owner’s taste for fine and collectible design, but also the brand’s transcendent fusion of traditional and contemporary design.

Art has played a vital role in defining the character of each room in the house — at many instances during the design process, colour palettes, surface treatments, and interior finishes have been reverse-conceptualized to meld with sculptural or crafted masterpieces.

“Homes are like authored biographies, and to truly animate a client’s vision, one must begin by understanding them. Translating their requirements into reality while ensuring the solution entails tastefully stylized spaces that elevate their aesthetic sensibilities — that is the true objective of the architect” said Rachna Agarwal, Founder and Design Ideator of Studio IAAD

Property Facts

Main Designer: Rachna Agarwal

Interior Design Studio: Studio IAAD

Typology: Residential

Main Brands: Boca do Lobo, Lema, Flou

Style: Industrial and Contemporary

Location: New Deli, India

Client(s): Luminary in the cinematic industry

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