A versatile & multifaceted artist Coralla Maiuri

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When I make my own unique pieces, I have no limits and it is not necessary to design something reproducible.

 I feel animated by an anarchic and visionary attitude, in which I use furnace, clay and material temperatures in an arbitrary way, with surprising and unexpected results. Although it is a sometimes bumpy route I treasure it and it benefits all my work.

“It is in my nature to dedicate myself to many different things and do them all together. Nature is never far away from my work, often touched by whiffs of countryside scents.” Coralla Maiuri decorates ceramics and porcelains that look like fairytales and yet familiar. Plates bowls mugs vases sculptures and jars are small universes that express her poetry. The surfaces patterns and colours of her designs invite you to caress and to be enchanted by them. Her creations are light-hearted, feminine, young in spirit.

A versatile and multifaceted artist, since over twenty years she creates artworks and installations exhibited at international galleries. Alongside ceramics, she designs furniture, lamps and textiles that express the charm of her dreamy aesthetics coupled with an attention to practical use.

She presented ceramic and porcelain tableware at Milan Design Week 2018 that draw inspiration from the beauty of Rome, nature, and far-away worlds full of wonder.

In an enchanting story, each collection is a chapter in the timeless tale of grace and joy: Villa Borghese, evoking Renaissance and Baroque art with an eternal beauty that shines through gold finishes; Quattro Stagioni, where dynamic spirals spread colors reminiscent of the setting sun, the bitter cold, blossoming flowers, and leafless branches; Caravaggio, the line breaking down tradition with classic decorations dancing in a golden border; Dafneand Paolina, with a soft decorative motif, and the oriental fantasy of Apollo in blue lapis lazuli. Bringing them all together are a collection of vases and jars with gold stains, graphic marks, colored strokes, and intertwined iridescent surfaces.

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