Art Center

Art Center opens at Qinhuangdao, China designed by Neri&Hu

The comprehensive art space is building the relationship between art, design space, and architectural community. The Aranya Art Centre is designed by Neri&Hu in Qinhuangdo, China. Located at China’s most beautiful beaches this Art Center is a must explore.

A stepped amphitheater forms the light-filled base, which can be filled to become a water feature or drained to function as a site for performances and gatherings. Throughout the building, a series of interlocking spaces house five different galleries, a cafe, multi-use exhibition space, and an outdoor amphitheater, while access to the rooftop grants 360-degree views of the coastal landscape.


‘It was exciting for us to work with Aranya on this project where we were able to explore a hybrid typology that combined design, art, and performance. The project pushes the boundaries of how architectural space deals with sensorial experiences in unexpected ways,’ quoted by Neri&Hu.

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