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Morbi Ceramics Association: Initiatives taken to promote ‘Make In India’

Nilesh Jetpariya, President, Morbi Ceramics Association talks about the latest developments in Morbi ceramic industry, technology innovations and initiatives taken to promote ‘Make In India’

Tell us about Vibrant Ceramics 2016. How was the response of the ceramic industry?

Vibrant Ceramics 2016 was an amazing experience. It created a wonderful opportunity for industrialists, dealers, customers, experts, builders, and all those who matter in the ceramics and sanitary-ware industry to meet, interact, and discuss business possibilities. It served as a platform for customers, manufacturers, researchers, technologists, and innovators to come and discuss, share, debate, and celebrate the best of the ceramics and sanitary-ware industry. Vibrant Ceramics 2016 is an international event that has registered its name in the key commercial milestones of the year.

What are the new developments in the Morbi ceramic industry in terms of innovation in technology and manufacturing?

Morbi Ceramic Industry always believes in the preservation of its traditions of excellence in ceramic products, and the advancement of its stature in the world. Presently the latest technology used in the industry focusses on Double Charge, Sugar Finished, Nano Finished, Mosaic, and Porcelain tiles, etc.

How do you see small manufacturers growing their reach and what are they doing to expand into international markets?

We organized Vibrant Ceramic Expo & Summit last month to pursue the idea of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to see India proliferate in corporate and commercial. We are planning to have an exhibition in more than 20 countries to develop the International market for MORBI CERAMIC INDUSTRY.

Are there any difficulties that the industry faces in terms of marketing internationally?

The industry faces challenges but we deal with it by focusing on innovation and excellence for sustainability and acting in an environment-friendly way. Sometimes costing makes differences but the advancement of a product fulfills all required criteria and our approaches make it possible.

How is the Morbi ceramic industry adding to the initiative on Make In India?

Morbi Ceramic Industry follows the initiative “Make in India”. From the last few decades, Ceramic tiles manufacturing companies from Morbi have built up markets in various countries. Along with that, we are planning to have healthy business deals with Ceramic hubs like Spain, Italy, and Brazil, etc.

What are the future plans of the Association? Which initiatives have you planned?

Through our committed delivery of high-quality products and services, we will enable our clients to be updated in the marketplace and will lead in the industry by exceeding our Customer’ & Member’s expectations. We commit to doing well for the whole & believe to be a huge support to each other. We focus on Research Center and Marketing strategy as well as Quality Control with specific criteria. Association will monitor the procedure and will support the respective companies for their worldwide branding and to build up Iconic Ceramic Brand. Again next year we are coming up with Vibrant Ceramic Expo & Summit, wherein we will provide the platform to reach out to markets globally.

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