Studio Fuksas victory for Gelendzhik Airport in Russia

Studio Fukas has won the competition to design a new Gelendzhik Airport in Gelendzhik Russia, Gelendzhik is aimed to be the most well known Resort city in Black Sea coast. Featuring on the amount of space, natural light, experience the airport was also made to respect morality and characteristic values.  The structure features a large, white canopy the cover the entirety of the airport. The design will not only be a visual reference point but also a “Green Landmark” in terms of management and supply of energy for Gelendzhik.


The airport aspires to reduce resource consumption and foster environmental awareness. Passive and active design strategies combine as integral parts of the architectural design to illustrate the approach towards sustainability. Studio Fuksas created the project around environmental awareness to also minimize the need for mechanical systems. The studio also designed the circulation system of the airport area as a one-way ring road.


The project will provide connections to eleven domestic destinations, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, and Yekaterinburg.  Preferring the landscape and an interior garden of local pine trees, the project is set to become the new arch into the city.



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