Bathroom colors for 2022

Bathroom colors for 2022

Bathroom colors have a fascinating impact on how we respond to a space, let’s see the five best ones to pick from! Bathroom colors for 2022.

Bathrooms play an essential role in our homes, it’s where we typically start and end our day, as well as use it for relaxation and rejuvenation. Bathroom design plays a significant role in the overall feel and experience of the dwelling. Besides fittings and sanitaryware, colour plays a large role in how we respond to a bathroom. Bathroom “fashion” came into vogue during the Victorian era and generally complimented the overall interiors of a space. The initial all-white decor aided the feeling of clean bathrooms and hence were preferred. Gradually tastes started evolving and colors made an entry. In current times bathrooms have become an extended canvas for designers and architects. It offers a space to experiment and create different design iconographies, ranging from the simple to the bold and the wild. We bring to you five tempting shades to pick from if you are looking for just that perfect colour that’s also trendy! Fortunately, ceramic tile has a seemingly endless selection of tile colors and color combinations. Ranging from soft natural hues to bold tones, here’s our take on the latest bathroom color trends, expressed in the latest ceramic tile options.:

Soft Greens

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest tile trends, you’ll know that green is currently a popular choice for all spaces. However, muted shades of green tile are especially trending bathroom colors, as they can lend a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. Because these soft greens are gentle and subtle, you can’t use too much of them. If you choose to add accents, go with warm whites or defining blacks.

Cozy Earth Tones

Two different trends go into this color recommendation:,the popularity of biophilic tile and the general warming of colors used in interior decor. Warm earth tones are one of the biggest 2022 trending bathroom colors as a result of these two design shifts. You can’t go wrong with wood-look and stone-look tile in these shades.

Soothing Blues

Blue isn’t necessarily a new bathroom color trend, but it continues to be high on the list. Blue tile is popular for bathrooms because of its association with relaxation and wellness. Did you know that light blue has been proven to promote feelings of understanding, healing, health, and tranquility?

Dramatic Jewel Tones

Not all of the current bathroom color trends are soft — dramatic jewel tones are also in favor right now. Tile in jewel tones is the perfect choice for creating a luxurious, even regal look. Consider rich, saturated shades of Amber Amethyst Ruby Aquamarine Teal, Turquoise Emerald Sapphire. They particularly work very well in small bathrooms. A rich jewel tone may be overwhelming in a large space, such as a kitchen or living room, but could add just the right amount of boldness for a small bathroom.

Black and Charcoal

In recent years, black tile (and shades thereof) has risen in popularity and is appreciated for its ability to create a sophisticated, contemporary feel. Classic and vintage-inspired options include stark black and white tile in layout patterns such as subway, octagon and dot, and checkerboard. Hexagons and penny rounds are also popular shapes for black tile.

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