Ceramic Color Trends 2023

Ceramic Color Trends 2023

Tile of Spain has discovered the ceramic colour trends for 2023! The choice of the colour palette is key to building the decorative style of our spaces. Playing and experimenting with the different colours and shades offered by the ceramic collections of Spanish brands helps us define environments and stamp our own identity in each room, allowing us to explore our creativity and adapt them to our most personal tastes. From the most natural and neutral tones to the most energizing and sophisticated shades, the colour becomes the key to giving the home originality and completely transforming spaces.

Natural shades [Expressions of Nature Trend]

In this trend, where the ceramic floor and wall tile surfaces bring us closer to nature, the prominent colours are those that evoke botanical shades, with muted tones, baked pigmentation and natural patinas that seek to convey a handmade effect of the surfaces. A less-saturated palette is full of clay, green, and moss tones that evoke a botanical aspect.

Neutral palette [Embracing Emotions Trend]

Embracing Emotions proposes soft tones that evolve towards sensory and energizing colours. The palette offers a balanced mix of pigmented pastels and neutrals with brighter and sometimes digital finishes. In this trend, greens and blues become key colours for their nourishing and calming effects, which invite us to find balance and well-being.

Energizing hues [Exuberant Balance]

In this trend, the use of colour makes the interiors vibrate with energy, at the same time it can divide spaces or highlight some architectural features. Pink colours, purple highlights, synthetic sunsets or digital colour ranges are unequivocally used to obtain designs with strong contrasts that lead us to mesmerizing scenarios. Likewise, vintage tones such as pink, brown and green add softness.

Futuristics colours [Enigmatic Luxury]

In this trend which is synonymous with luxury, dark colours, marbled finishes, and liquid, metallic and shiny finishes predominate, seeking to achieve an effect of sophistication and a futuristic aesthetic. Ocean blue becomes a key tone, which in addition to adopting aesthetics inspired by fantasy, is very appropriate to convey serenity and balance to spaces.

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