Ceramic Tile Trends 2022

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Ceramic Tile Trends 2022

Following the pandemic, trends in interior design have focused on creating cozy living spaces with a natural appeal that inspire a sense of security, wellbeing and comfort.

This season, ceramic tiles aspire to bring a harmonious balance and restful tranquillity to settings through a sensitive mix of neutral off-white color. By using matt finishes and porous or rustic-look tiles, tactile effects can be achieved with a natural handcrafted look, inspiring a sense of wellbeing and comfort. The main design styles and patterns for ceramic tiles in 2022 are into four E’s: Essential, Emotional Care, Euphoric and Elegant.

With Essential, tiled wall and floor surfaces seek to forge closer ties with nature, using it as a unifying feature with healing effects. Through these tiles, the aim is to create a handcrafted look, with uneven surfaces and special emphasis on little imperfections, celebrating the beauty of nature. This trend can be divided into three sub-groups: Bio-Nature, Craft-Raw and Re-Circular.

Nature is used as a marvellous source of inspiration. Through the tile colors, patterns and style, the idea is to trigger visual associations with nature.


This sub-trend consists of tiles with a raw look, with rough, eroded surfaces and porous textures and a style with artisanal overtones.

In this case, classic terrazzo or stracciatella-effect tiles are taken one step further. The latest designs include ones with dense, fragmented textures, similar to gravel, with the addition of compositions in a greater variety of colors.

This trend, directly influenced by the health crisis and ensuing new demands and approaches to home living, focuses on designs that convey a soothing sense of security. Hence, these wall and floor tiles are conceived to inspire a soft, comfortable feel, encouraging relaxation through their serene neutral design or the assurance of their technical properties. This trend is, in turn, made up of three sub groups: Satori, In-Protection and Flex-Living.

The design criterion in this case is less but better. This calls for tiles with a minimalist design and very little pattern. Matt finishes and subdued colors dominate, and gentle textures with a soft appearance and tactile appeal are used to draw attention to surfaces.


Ceramic tiles are one of the materials with the best hygiene guarantees. With the outbreak of the pandemic, many companies have developed active surfaces that offer better anti-bacterial protection. With this sub-trend, a fundamental role is played by the hygienic, anti-bacterial properties of ceramic tiles, offering a reassuring sense of protection.

With Flex-Living, ceramic tiles contribute to the versatility and adaptability of the home and different living spaces through timeless neutral looking designs. These can be used to ensure seamless continuity from one area to the next, to create combined multifunctional spaces, or to mark out the use of a certain area.

This trend seeks to guarantee cheerfulness and optimism, with highly expressive designs, combined with a handcrafted, vintage touch or a provocative spirit. Color prevails in these collections, perfect for creating settings with an eclectic style, brimming with joie-de-vivre. Euphoric can, in turn, be divided into three sub-trends: Artful, Maximalist Craft and Hyper Geos.

Tiled surfaces are transformed into genuine works of art, with an explosion of color and amazingly creative finishes, conceived to draw all eyes.

Maximalist Craft
This sub-trend seeks to recreate a handmade, artisanal feel in bold designs that break away from more classic conventions. They combine charged colors with finishes evocative of natural, slightly flawed materials.

Hyper Geos
Geometrical patterns have always been a feature of ceramic tiles, but this sub-trend offers an updated version, with interplay in size or scale. A sub- trend conceived to bring a highly expressive potential to living spaces.

Elegant and Refined aspires to bring a deluxe feel to living spaces, doing so in sensible style through materials that keep their chic appeal throughout their entire useful life. To achieve this, the tiles come in the colors and enhanced natural patterns of marble or in metal finishes so as to create a stylish sophisticated feel. This trend can be divided into three sub-groups: Neo Art Deco, Refined Glam and Maximal Luxe.

Neo Art Deco
Lines and geometrical shapes inspired by Art Deco play a star role in this sub-trend. Geometrical designs, subtle metal effects and gold, in particular, dominate in Neo Art Deco.

Refined Glam
With Refined Glam, tiled surfaces with futuristic overtones prevail. Digital colors are used to set them apart, with finishes in bright colors.

Maximal Luxe
Maximal Luxe transforms tiled surfaces into decorative features, with finishes inspired by marble, agate or quartz on large-format tiles. The final impact is one of deluxe, stylish elegance.

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