Gres Aragon’s new cutting-edge ceramic tile solutions

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Gres Aragon

Gres Aragon has showcased the new cutting-edge ceramic tile solutions for architecture, building and forward-thinking home designs in Cevisama 2023.

Gres Aragon, founded in 1943, boasts long-standing experience in the production of technological and special architectural ceramic tile solutions for the building industry. Its capacity for producing tiles using both extrusion and porcelain tile technologies makes it practically unique in the international ceramic tile sector.

Signature tiles for major architecture projects In addition, the company’s extrusion manufacturing technology enables it to develop personalised, three-dimensional ceramic tiles, tailored to meet the creative and technical needs of particular projects and the evolving demands of architecture. Specialised in the manufacture of extruded and porcelain tiles, the firm has showcased its novelties of ventilated facades of high energy efficiency, special and volumetric pieces, pool systems, and pavements for interiors and exteriors.

Gres Aragon’s capacity to develop unique technological systems and tiles has led some of the world’s leading architects and project planners to use its ceramic tiles in their works. Examples include professionals of stature such as Rafael Moneo and the Aragonia Building (Zaragoza), Benedetta Tagliabue and the Kalida Centre (Barcelona) or Pich Aguilera and the San Pau Hospital Research Centre (Barcelona). In order to create these innovative materials, Gres Aragon works closely with the project planners, obtaining results of a superb technical and formal standard.

This is a firm capable of delivering efficient quality solutions for any challenge, proof of the unlimited scope of application of its ceramic tiles. Faveker: ventilated facades that provide energy savings of 40% Under its Faveker brand, the seasoned firm develops high-performance personalised extruded ceramic tiles for ventilated façades for building renovations and new build projects.

The thermal insulation properties of ceramic tile facades increase the energy efficiency of buildings by 40%. In addition to the fact that they offer outstanding technical features and that just under half the material used in the production process is recycled, the systems are also 100% reusable. The tiles can be manufactured in sizes of up to 1,800*600 cm.

The Acepool line stands out for its complete special tile systems designed exclusively for use in swimming pools, which include steps, edges and other accessories. It must be remembered that extruded tiles are ideal for this purpose due to their technical and acid resistance, low porosity, hygiene, anti-slip features and durability in wet zones. The EU’s most modern extruded tile production plant with net zero waste In 2021, the company, whose history goes back more than 80 years, opened a new high-tech extruded tile production plant, as part of its ongoing drive for innovation and reinvestment.

The new facility is equipped with cutting-edge extrusion technologies and is currently the most advanced production centre in the EU. This high-performance energy efficient facility has been designed to produce net zero waste, in line with circular economy criteria. This has led to an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 3,500 tons, making an effective contribution to environmental care. In order to develop new products, the ceramic tile firm has a major product research and development structure for the launch of new concepts, products and solutions tailored to individual projects.

Experts from various fields handle each phase of the process, from product concept to development, manufacture and commercialisation. Corporate info Gres Aragon benefits from its long-standing experience and dedication to the development and manufacture of ceramic tiles. From its early days, the company’s skill and know-how in handling clay and fire have evolved into an innovative production plant equipped with cutting-edge technologies and highly efficient products for contemporary architecture.

The USA and EU, are the destination for half of its sales 50% of the company’s sales are made on international markets, and the company is present in almost 120 countries around the world, with ample experience in products aimed at tile specifiers. Apart from Spain, the firm’s major markets are the USA and EU member states. Throughout its 80-year history, the company has remained true to its values, based on care for its immediate social and natural environment, reinvestment and hard work, quality employment, integrity and innovation.

Today it has three production plants and three logistics centres that serve project planners and customers around the world. Gres Aragon and Faveker are part of the ceramic tile division of Grupo SAMCA, a consolidated Spanish business group operating in the fields of mining, renewable energies, plastic polymers, synthetic fibres, agri-food, real estate development, agrochemicals and logistics infrastructures, providing quality and stable employment for 3,500 people.

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