8 Best Countertop Solutions

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8 Best Countertop Solutions

Countertops are the centre point of all kitchens, you can choose classy beauty or utility, or you can blend both, we present eight amazing countertop choices!

Countertops are taking a special place in interior designing and have become an important application surface while renovating or designing a space. They are many looks and themes that one can go for as far as countertops are concerned, there key factors to be kept in mind are – beauty, durability, and utility. We present to you the 8 best countertop solutions that are perfect for the modern kitchen.


Quartz is the most popular material for countertops. Engineered stone or quartz has become the first choice for all good reasons. They are modern, stylish, unique, durable, and easy to install. Unlike granite, quartz is manufactured using recycled stone granules, resins with added colors and surprisingly it looks and feels like natural stone. They come in a larger number of designs and shades. Quartz being a composite material, are stronger and more resistant to stain and cracks compared to granite. So, whenever you think of replacing your countertops, quartz can definitely be a great choice.


Marble is another great option for countertops. They are white and bright and give a luxurious look to any space when applied. The glossy and beautiful vein designs make them attractive and add charm to space. They are good heat resistant material so one can prefer them in the kitchen as well. But at the same time, it needs extra care to maintain its beauty. They can be a little difficult to maintain when it comes to stain resistance. But if you are looking for that oomph and luxury, then marble is the countertop material for you. Marble elevates the space like nothing else. 


Granite is the old school material when it comes to countertops. They are easily available in various colours but choosing the right colour which matches your other elements in the areas where you are applying can be a little difficult. They come in red, black, brown, grey colours with different grains. For smaller or dimly-lit kitchens, choose lighter shades of the stone with fine grains. Bright and spacious kitchens can make the most of darker hues and patterns. You can use them on the backsplash as well.


Concrete is one of the best options for various reasons. They give a natural and rustic feel to space. Not to be confused with the industrial concrete application, this special in-situ concrete solution looks refined when pigmented and polished (you can go for a rustic-chic look as well). Since it is crafted on-site, concrete kitchen countertops have a uniform finish. While it is resistant to heat and easy to clean, it is prone to cracks and is porous so one needs to keep this in mind before going for this option.


Porcelain may not be the best material for countertops but can be considered because of its stylish look and feel. Porcelain is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of designs and shades. Porcelain material combines ceramic particles, glass, and stone, so it’s durable and heat-resistant.  It is ideal for an island counter that doubles up as a tabletop.

Handcrafted Tiles

These give a very rustic and homely look to your kitchen adding a subtle style. They are best suited for countertops that are not subject to heavy-duty wear and tear. They are available in a huge variety of choices and colors and can even be customized as per specific likes and dislikes.

Large Format Tiles

Large-format tiles are preferred for their fewer grout lines, expansive visual attributes, because of which they can be easily adapted to large surfaces requiring lesser design interruptions. They are available in a plethora of choices with the added benefits of being heat resistant, recyclable, lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.


Mosaics come in different combinations and can give your countertop a very eclectic look. They are attached to a mesh backer-board making for easy and quick installation. They are also quite durable and are now sold in large sheets so you can easily adapt them to your countertop size. The biggest advantage is that because they are multicolored, stains and spills don’t show up so easily on them and cracks and chips can also be repaired with ease.

So go ahead and restyle your countertop the way you have always wanted to do!

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