Digital Tabloid Edition – Aug 2021 Issue 3 Vol 16

The Tiles of India Weekly Digital Tabloid Edition – Aug 2021 Issue 3 Vol 16

Comfortable, timeless, and fashionable, these three words describe this issue the best! We have designs that tell rich stories of creativity and excellence. The top Russian designer, Irina Grave, combines the elegance of Paris with the frantic energy and modernity of New York, creating a unique residence in Moscow. 

Interior design is as much about aesthetics as it is about the respect for the history of space – bringing together these two important elements is a residence designed by april und bonnie studio with the fun and magic side of Paris and the famous Parisienne style centered on the whole idea of anti-décor.

Along with this we also fondly remember the renaissance man of design, Alessandro Mendini, known for his playful and witty post-modern creations.

Happy Reading!

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Art Deco style residence

Art Deco style residence by Irina Grave

The Park Tower West

The Park Tower West designed by Andres Aybar