Bespoke Beauty

Nitco’s latest designer collection is an amalgamation of beauty, durability and style

 The Skiffer series

It captures the power of surfaces, patterns, colors and textures formed by winds, landslides and volcanic   rocks.  Curated for the first time ever in dimensions of 298×1200 mm and 196×1200 mm, its mixed size layout for wall and floor makes for a stunning look poised to transform your space dynamically.


Wood collection

Inspired by the combination of wood and stone, it defines modern living that is closer to nature, a future trend to look out for in India. The 196x1200mm dimension tiles are complete with wood finish. With the introduction of Acasia wood finish this collection brings a calming and soothing effect of being closer to the sea. Apart from this, the Designer Collection has recreated industrial look with its exquisite metal craft design inspired from the art deco patterns.


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(This article was originally produced in The Tiles of India magazine, Jan-Feb issue)

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