GVT Hi Gloss Tiles by Varmora

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GVT Hi-Gloss Tiles by Varmora

GVT Hi Gloss Tiles by Varmora recreate the level of classiness and urbanity of your home with 1.5 times higher mirror-like-reflection and reduced scratch properties of our High Gloss Tiles. These tiles are the perfect complement to an elegant home interior that everyone desires. It comes in 1200 x 600mm size which is applicable for floor and wall.

GVT Hi Gloss Finish: 600 x 1200mm & 800x800mm      

Varmora Hi Gloss Tiles are made using a special transparent glaze. With extra colors, its beauty and sheen is enhanced to a better level. Imported, a special transparent glaze is applied on the surface and the tile is heated in a furnace to impart a high gloss resembling crystalline glass. A thin layer of glass is also applied on surface which gives extra shine and brightness. This imported granule is treated with special equipment for more smooth and transparent surface. With extra polishing, this tile is imparted a peerless sheen that is equaled by none. This tile series is highly suitable for interior wall and floor applications for Residential and Commercial areas. This is a perfect replacement for Italian Marble due to its high gloss, high durability, and scratch resistance.

GVT Sugar Finish: 600x1200mm, 600×600 & 800x800mm: Refinement that’s exquisite

Varmora Sugar Finish Tiles incorporates characteristics of scratch resistance and surface glimmer effortlessly. Made from sturdy materials, a sugar finish is imparted on the tile surface, which improves scratch resistance and at the same time, imparts a distinct gloss. Application of sugar-like transparent granules are spread on tile and then heated in the Kiln. These granules melt inside and create a glittering layer over the tile to make it look more shiny and sparkling. This series has more friction which prevents slipping and also appears more realistic in terms of surface luster. It is suitable for interior as well as an exterior decoration for heavy traffic areas.

GVT Glinker finish: 600 x 1200 and 800 x 800mm

Varmora continues with its innovative streak by the addition of a completely novel design finish unlike anything in India. Glinker finish comprises a textured surface with microscopic-sized fine granules that are surprisingly smooth when touched upon. A wonder to behold as crystalline features reside upon the surface, yet give out a subtle glimmer, Along with looks comes maintenance-free features, as dust doesn’t accumulate on the surface, making it easier to wipe clean. Available in 600x1200mm size.

 GVT Wooden finish 600 x 1200 mm: Wooden imprints creating a majestic illusion

Give your floor a perfect wood look with Varmora Granito’s Wood Finished Tiles. Along with durability, it gives beauty and warmth of hardwood to your precious floor.  Wooden textures are made upon the surface. The workmanship on the surface using polishing technique makes it indistinguishable from wooden floors

GVT Matte finish: 800x800mm, 800x1200mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 1200x1200mm

Varmora GVTs are suitable for all kinds of surfaces and interior and exterior applications. Matte finish: Embellished with designs and polished in a manner that reflects a natural surface contour. It shall bring about an authentic décor in homes and offices. Eco friendly and available in random designs, the Varmora Matte finish is truly an architect’s delight.

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