Made in India Tiles

Made in India Tiles by Bharat Floorings

Bharat Floorings takes you back to the roots by creating a tile range inspired by country’s diversity, heritage, cultures, and art.

In 1922 Bharat pioneered the cement tiles industry in India as part of the Swadeshi movement as a contribution to India’s economic independence by producing tiles of international quality to replace imports. We created a unique product suited to Indian conditions.

Every state in India, every community in every direction of the country has its own idiosyncrasies, which are inimitable and fascinating. Embodying this characteristic, and in keeping the specialty of each state, the brand has introduced the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ series. Whether it’s the tribal Gond range from Madhya Pradesh, or the majestic Jharokha from Rajasthan, whether it’s the intricate Pashmina from Kashmir or the scrumptious Modaks from Maharashtra, each forte has been entwined into the designs to stand for what truly represents India.

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In Madhya Pradesh, the Gonds inhabited the dense forests of the Vindhyas, Satpura, and Mandla in the Narmada region of the Amarkantak range for centuries. Gond art tile is inspired by them and their extremely unique and intricate artwork

Jharokha tile, inspired by Rajasthan’s Mughal and Rajput style of architecture this gives an ethnic as well as a contemporary look.

Pashmina range is inspired by Kashmir. The designs found on these are usually oriental in nature, incorporating floral and paisley designs along with very intricate yet large motifs.

Kolam is a representation of celebration and thought to bring prosperity to homes in Tamil Nadu. It is a form of drawing that is made using rice flour or chalk powder. The Kolam range is inspired by tradition and combines the many facets and forms depicted in these drawings

Bandhani, largely found and associated with Gujarat, the diamond shape that is formed while dyeing the fabric was the inspiration for the Bandhani range. The range depicts the culture and festive spirit of the state, which has been inspired by murals and motifs.

The Modak range has been inspired by the drop-like shape of these sweets. A popular traditional sweet in Maharashtra, modak is a sweet rice dumpling, traditionally dished out during the festival of Ganesh Chathurthi.

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