10 Easy Ways to Create a Cosy Space for Winter

Winter is almost here, we share 10 easy ways to create a cosy space for winter

It is the autumn-winter period when it’s getting colder outside. The days are smaller and the nights are getting longer. It is that time of the year when we all want to plunge into the cosiness and comfort of our four walls. And creating this comfort can be very easy if done creatively even on a low budget. This weather can also make us feel very sluggish and low, so take a little time, reflect on your space and use these 10 quick ways to create an energy boost for everyone around you and create a home that is super cosy, warm and inviting!

1. Style your front door and entryway in inviting ways

Don’t underestimate the inviting power of a great front door and entryway. Winter can be tough for on some, but a quick front stoop clean and a bright welcome mat does wonders.

We also love cute signs by the front door that say “hello”. Want a quick trick for an entryway to add instant cosy vibes? Add a big green leafy plant and a brass figurine if your space permits! It is an immediate big eyeful of green life and classy beauty as soon as your door is opened.

2. Use colour and other design tricks to create stunning optics

Consider a guest’s first view of your space and pay special attention to designing the farthest point of that view, like painting the far wall across from your front door in a bold accent color, adding fun art or lighting, or anything else that will capture attention. This will almost literally pull people into and through your home, making your space come aglow with life!

3. Create easy navigation around seating arrangement and your furniture

You might not mind moving a chair out of the way to get behind the dining table, but this doesn’t feel comfortable in spaces and creates discomfort while traversing. Small homes especially need to be on the lookout for this uncomfortable thief of joy. The idea is to make moving through your home, getting from the front door to comfy seating areas, the kitchen, the bathroom, and more obstacle-less.

Don’t squish over-sized furniture so closely that no one can squeeze through, and don’t put so many floor pillows on the ground that one has to crawl through them like an obstacle course. And try to tidy up kids’ toys as often as possible.

4. Get leafy, long, trailing, green fluffy plants

Plants radiate optimism, and joy and are a symbol of life. They add an infectious brightness to a space and make it feel like a very comfortable, breathable place where you want to spend many hours lounging or reading a book.

5. Lay soft textiles

A great use of textiles is almost like a magical wand. It can do whatever you want it to do – sass up a room, soften it, bump up the style quotient or create individuality. It is the most versatile way to add instant colour, look and style, so go for whatever you are in the mood for, don’t be shy!

6. Soften straight and harsh lines

Lots of straight, harsh lines — even those on very firm modern upholstery — can look unpleasant and work against trying to have a cosy space. Tricks like incorporating round rugs can help, as can other round objects like pillows or tossing a soft throw blanket over a corner to break up a straight line.

7. Personalize at least one piece of furniture

Put yourself in your space! By personalizing your furniture, either by reupholstering in a fun fabric, or adding a quirky element, a button or an applique motif, you will be able to feel that intimate connection with your space making it feel more like your home than a catalogue.

8. Sprinkle unique design details around the house

Create a space that is distinctly you, and reflects knick-knacks and small items from the lives of your loved ones. This will make your space more cozy, and comfortable and will feel like a loving hug – a feeling we all love in these months!

9. Attack your clutter

Stacks of bills, near-toppling magazines, and more are stressful to see. If you can’t always keep the space uncluttered, find places to stow it away, so that it does not disturb your line of vision which may in turn negatively impact your mood. Remember cozy spaces are always uncluttered.

10. De-odourise/ Use fresh fragrance

Eliminate bad smells if any. Invest in some good fresh flowers or some inviting potpourris and room fresheners. Make it a point to open the windows and air out your space completely. Fresh linen and clean towels automatically make a place inviting and cosy!

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