10 spring decor trends for 2022

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Spring decor Trends

Are you spring ready? As spring is almost here, we share 10 spring decor trends for 2022. We love decorating and updating our homes at the start of each season, there’s just something about spring that feels bright, cheerful and filled with hope. Bring those emotions into your interior with these 10 spring decor trends in interior design that will make you feel uplifted, comfortable and inspired. From cool colors, textures, use of sustainable products, we share with you a few ways to bring your home to life this spring!

Add Greenery

When you are looking for a house makeover and making it spring ready, one thing you can always do is make sure you add plants indoors as well as outdoors. It will give a sense of freshness to your decor and will make you feel close to nature. So, opt for indoor plants and place them in each corner of your house and also place them as a decor piece on your center table or living room unit. Try to pick plants that are easy to maintain or go for faux plants for a maintenance free routine.

Warm Cool Colors and Soothing Textures

When we think about spring decor, cool and soothing colors come to mind, they provide a calm ambience to the entire home. Go for colors like white, beige, grays, pastels, pink and blue tones, cream on your walls, ceilings. Opt for light color furniture like cream, beige or white color sofas, rugs, curtains; this will bring organic warmth to your space. Go for metallic hardware and plumbing in your kitchen that will give a matte bronze look as well as will give that depth with a warm touch.

Sustainability is In

Sustainability has had a major role to play today. The influence of sustainable products has made its way. People are shifting towards more and more sustainable and recycled products in their living practice. Even brands are consciously designing and responsibly manufacturing products that are going to be at the forefront of every home decor.

Going for Cool Color Tiles

Tiling your home to give a new look is a task that needs to be done carefully. If you are planning to tile your kitchen, floor or bathroom, you can opt for cool and light color tiles, which will give a perfect spring look. Go for Moroccan tiles, light colors such as pastels. You can pair this with painting, such as kitchen cabinets which is a simple yet powerful way to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Vintage furniture

Nothing speaks of spring like vintage furniture. You could go for Victorian style or you could also choose from the several Asian styles that are not only easily available but are also pocket friendly. use them intelligently peppered through your space to give the light, breezy feeling of spring all over your home.

Minimalistic is here to Stay

Minimalistic space creates a calming aesthetic in the home and this trend is resonating now more than ever. Minimalism can enhance the livability of a space by reducing visual clutter and highlighting the main purpose of a room, making it easier to relax and focus. For minimalism, go for multifunctional furniture. Also, curved shape furniture like sofas are in, which will give more space to your room and at the same time will look more organized.

Play with Textured Fabrics

Go for textured fabrics that will give a cozy feel and at the same time will look chic and luxurious. Velvets, sherpa, and boucles are the fabrics for 2022.

Go for Light Floors

While pops of color are all the rage in the spring, there’s nothing quite like those neutral, earthy tones to create a clean, calm and sophisticated environment in your home. Earth tones, like shades of brown, burnt umber, terracotta, beige, taupe and tan will continue to be popular well into 2022. Go for light floors by adding rugs, carpets to your surface.

Personalized Pieces and Landscape Art

To add an extra vibe and spirit to your house decor, go for mid-size piece of landscape art which you can put across in the corner of your house such as bookshelves, nooks or kitchen countertops. Landscape art is popular and is finding its ways into countless residences across the country. Also, art pieces for wall decor that are meaningful and aligned with the personal tastes will give a new look.

Creating Comfortable Outdoor Living

Creating a comfortable outdoor space for spring is a great idea, because it encourages family and friends to spend time outdoors and find activities to enjoy and bond. If you are blessed to have that outdoor space, make maximum use of that space. Also one can create an extension of their home by giving a cozy feel to your outdoor space. Also, softer outdoor decor is very much in with the use of  upholstery, lighting, accessories and even fire pits. This is also a great way to enjoy beautiful evenings with outdoor cinema experiences and truly enjoy this beautiful spring time!

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