5 Kitchen Trends with LUXXU’s Designs

Kitchen Trends

The secret for a standout kitchen is in the materials, the colors, the textures, and, of course, the design pieces. Discover why LUXXU’s kitchens don’t look like kitchens. The kitchen is the heart of many houses, the place where lots of time is spent – whether cooking, chatting or having a meal. For this reason, and with remote work gaining ground by leaps and bounds, more than ever the kitchen needs to be cozier, brighter, functional without losing the boldness and attractive flair. Here are 5 kitchen trends with LUXXU’’s Designs

Gold Finishes

According to Homes and Gardens UK, gold finishes are a must in the kitchen trends panorama for the preset year. Well, gold is LUXXU’s favorite. Using black furniture, also a trend, the gold touches of the Pharo pendant lamps stand out alongside the Nura bar chair structure, equally made in gold-plated brass.

Linear Lighting

Providing consistent lighting over a long kitchen island is the primary goal of a linear lighting lamp. The idea comes from Rachael Grochowski, founder and principal architect at RHG A+D in Montclair, New Jersey.

The expert also explains to “kitchn”, a kitchen specialized online publication, the functionality of this type of illumination – “it unifies multiple zones of countertop use”, says Grochowski.

LUXXU’s Pharo snooker suspension, besides the functionality, also delivers a breathtaking design that makes a luxurious statement.

Bold Lighting for a Welfare Feeling

With the remote work method getting in our lives each day more, the kitchen starts to have an all-day space purpose. Knowing this, designers start to create ways of embellishing and improving the atmosphere, and lighting has a key role in it.

In an interview with Elle Decor, Bianca Betancourt, a lead designer at FORM Kitchens, explains the importance of lighting: “just like a movie set, lighting is essential for the presentation of arguably the most expensive room in the house — and integrated lighting will be a priority, if not essential, for both function and aesthetics”.

In LUXXU’s Parisian apartment, the Explosion suspension lamp has the bold design that people need to feel good while enlighting, beautifully, all the space.

Wood Finishes

Though they’ve been out of fashion for a while, wood kitchens are coming back to life. In LUXXU’s consideration, this type of project would come great in a countrified environment.

Although, the use of wood does not disregard other materials such as marble, velvet, or even gold tones.

LUXXU brought it all together and created a harmonious environment where two Charla bar chairs fit perfectly in the set, enlightened by the gold-plated lamp.

Materials are Getting Eclectic

Since the beginning, LUXXU has been guided by the use of the finest materials, such as marble, velvet, leather, and others.

Better than anyone LUXXU knows how to blend marble with gold-plated brass and get a tremendous result – a breathtaking kitchen that doesn’t even look like one, is more like a place where one would stay for several other reasons rather than cooking.

The Shard suspension lamp is the key piece of this kitchen, however, the customized Galea bar chairs, with the blue velvet, provide an elegant flair to the overall decor.

Featured Image: Courtesy LUXXU

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