8 traditional design ideas of doors

8 traditional design ideas of doors

We present to you 8 traditional design ideas of doors that are timeless, classy, yet contemporary…

With rich, classic detailing, timeless designs, inspired soft lines and charming accents, traditional entry doors are very much in vogue. Ornate, yet skillfully refined for today’s homes, each entry door adds a hint of elegance that never overwhelms. Add wooden carving antique door, or beautiful glass designs or diamond pattern, this will give and create a look you love.

Wooden carving Antique door

Traditional antique doors with Rajasthani wooden carving will definitely add a magnificent look to the entrance of your home. Complete it will polish to give that shiny look. The traditional doors are extremely gorgeous. For example, a golden curvature on a wooden door curved in proper symmetry is a main door design to die for. It looks like a gate has been dressed in gold jewelry. Go for this main door blindfolded.

Metal door for that Royal look

If you see the Nepali royal palaces, you will notice, the main doors are elegant but with the most minimal design. They are designed with metal polka dots on wooden doors. Such a door will look extravagant in your entrance equally.

Simple and Basic door for a well decorated home

A home that is decorated well will take an added style with a simple and basic yet elegant door. You can choose dense wood, with a simple design that accentuates the style of your whole home.

A Diamond pattern Door design

The diamond pattern on the main door design has been one of the most timeless styles ever. We see so many styles in this category that come up every year and this is one style that you can experiment a lot. You could use contrasts, monochromes or perhaps a glint of gold! You could also experiment with textures or handmade aesthetic materials. All in all an instant extravagant look for your door!

A giant round head door for your traditional home

Are you in search of an entrance door for your lavish home? This design is one of the best wooden main door designs in Indian style also being one of the most imposing ones. This gives your space a hint of mystery with a touch of regality and is sure to a conversation starter at all parties!

Go Traditional with Timber

Timber is classic, perennially beautiful. A timber front door has a distinct cottage feel with intricate panel detailing that we all love!

Traditional French style door

French doors speak class, elegance and have a insouciant vibe to them. They are light, save energy and can be style statements. Simple in execution, they are the best examples of precise door craftsmanship. A must, if minimalistic chic is your style!

Wrought-Iron hardware personalized door

Wrought iron doors remind us of large, beautiful castles. they can be intricately crafted with flower and creeper designs or in simple styles that have geometrical shapes. A lot of personalization is possible here because it is an easily malleable material and can be adapted to creative ideas. It’s also a simple way to revive a tired old front door, while one could also simultaneously update the hardware. Door knockers are a quaint way to add some personality to your front door, they are best placed at head-height. Opting for an original, reclaimed piece is more likely to be unique but replicas give you greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost, yet provide the same touch of drama that can elevate the first impression of your space at least a few notches high.

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