Flora riverside designed by Architect Ishwar Gehi

Flora riverside

Flora riverside was designed with a resort-like ambiance which the Architect Ishwar Gehi has achieved by a balance of hard and soft landscape elements.

Ar. Ishwar Gehi

Situated on the riverside of Machhuriver, India as the name suggests flora riverside is Ishwar Gehi’s one of most favorite projects. A prolific architect and a passionate builder: Flora Riverside is a result of the confluence of both. A context responsive design and yet one that reflects openness was the design aim for the architect. A lot of thought was given to the layout of the project to yield the maximum use of the existing natural vista and for the residents to enjoy it completely.

A Fancy Arc: forming layout consisting of three types of villas each varying in area, a clubhouse, and large landscaped areas were designed by Ar. Gehi. The nature lover and nature-inspired Ar. Gehi prefers artistic landscape in his projects. Flora riverside was designed with a resort-like ambiance which the architect has achieved by a balance of hard and soft landscape elements.

Water: a main inspiration of design has been boldly highlighted in the layout especially by the long, unbroken stretch of water body almost 400’ in length. With an aim to keep the view of the dam undisturbed the waterbody stretch has been laid just “Perfect” with stepped landscaping complimenting it.

In the evening, the myriad twinkling lights, the hard and soft landscaped areas render a magical effect, making it indeed a vision to behold. 

Courtyards are one of the most used architectural elements by Ar.Gehi. According to him, courtyards when inculcated in any design, not only adds character to space but also act as a climate-responsive factor.

The villas in the Riverside are all designed with the courtyard being the center of attraction. A sumptuous sloping roof and a courtyard with a swimming pool are the two design features that stand out and make the villas a non-resistible dwelling.

A classic Buddha sculpture, plumeria, and date palms in landscaping and terraces over-looking the courtyard add extravagance to each villa making them pure bliss.

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