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In Search of Tranquility

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The Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio merges the landscape within built spaces almost seamlessly.


The core design is based on traditional concept which is found in old Indian settlements having individual pavilions meant for different functions (like sleeping, eating, washing, etc) all arranged in a compounded property.

The spaces between individual pavilions for reception, main cabin studio, services, etc have become green breathing pockets, which provide thermal insulation for the hot tropical climate of Nasik. The architectural language is continued in the interiors as well. There is a blurred grey area between the exterior and landscape a one flows seamlessly into each other. The huge reduction in the embodied and operational energy consumed makes it a true green structure.


Reception pavilion is an interpretation of traditional element of simple roof on four columns. In this case it is a leaf shaped roof with deep overhang supported on six columns, which is just enough to keep out the Indian summer and rains. The inside space is very pleasant and comfortable eschewing the need for air-conditioners and fans.


The embodied energy consumption is minimal due to the use of local & sustainable materials like basalt stone, fly ash bricks, salvaged reusable wood etc. This energy efficient and thermally responsive studio provides bio – climatic comfort and healthier spaces and environs to its inhabitants.


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(The article was originally produced in The Tiles of India magazine, Jul-Aug 2016 issue)

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