The Quirky Apartment

The interiors of this Quirky Apartment has the indoors of dramatic and elegant decor, the ambiance is raising the bar. This 3 bhk in the suburbs of Mumbai was designed to cater to the needs of an NRI family of three. The house is a 2nd home to a family who often visits Mumbai for leisure and work purposes.


The dweller’s concept of an ideal living is that of a cozy, comfortable living space with setups that allow them to convert it into a work environment whenever required. The home is set in tones of quirky and vibrant colors with a touch of modern architecture.


The classic and modern artefacts serve as an aesthetic with the exquisite furniture that accord with the sense of design of the Millennials living there. The texture and design create an amazing combination for the family to live in the space.


Interior Designer Sapana Jain, The master behind the Quirky Apartment and I Heart Homez.  Established as a little trove tucked away with exceptionally eye-catching products & a colorful item. The store has a wide approach to help you decorate, renovate and entertain stylishly. Every object features a sneaky tropical twist.

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  1. Sapna for you a home is a reflection of the client , so each remodeling or design project you have always carefully crafted to the client’s individual lifestyle and tastes. I know you can do anything with tiles. . .and tassels—though not necessarily together. So shine on…
    Dr Naveen Shahani

  2. Sapna is an exceptional creative interior designer, she is very innovative and well Networed in d furniture and artwork world. One of her keys skills is taking clients personal style and elevating it to a new level while differentiating it completely for a wow factor. Very passionate and humble too. So amazing to see her new project. Congratulations Sapna.

  3. Sapna is an excellent designer,she puts life in dead things. She understands the needs of the costumers and she creates dream home with her experience and style.Have stayed at her vacation home and it was more than what we expected would love to recommend her and the vacation home in karzat.All the best

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