Marcel Wanders new bathroom designs

Marcel Wanders new bathroom designs

Marcel Wanders breathes a soft romance into bathroom design creating the antiques of tomorrow with an everlasting allure.

Renowned product and interior designer Marcel Wanders spoke about the beautiful challenge to make bathrooms look good. Wanders and his studio have worked with the likes of Alessi, Baccarat, KLM, Hyatt Hotels, Louis Vuitton, Puma, Swarovski, and many other designs –led brands. Also, some of his best-known project work with companies such as Boffi, Bisazza, and an ongoing relationship with Laufen is widely appreciated. He said, “The size and architecture of bathrooms make them a “beautiful challenge” for professional designers. “The role of designers is to manage the relationship that our audience has with the artificial surrounding we are creating.”

“Architecture is unforgiving; it is a square concrete shape without any softness. For us to live in that space we need interiors- we need clothes, wallpaper, curtains. A bathroom is a small concrete space and we’re naked in it, so we’re pretty vulnerable and it’s a very demanding little space, so doing it well is really important. Talking about his projects, he said,

“I believe that the projects we do are my babies. We try to make a type of design that’s more romantic, more durable, and more meaningful. We try to touch people deeply and make things that people will never throw away. We do the things that people have because they love them – those things that people love forever. I want to make the antiques of tomorrow.

“To surprise the world, you first have to surprise yourself, so that’s our biggest challenge. To find something we are really excited about that if we pull it off, it makes us better than we were yesterday.”

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