Ricco Collection by Simpolo Ceramics

Ricco Collection by Simpolo Ceramics

Simpolo Ceramics has introduced Ricco Collection tiles made with IM+ Technology that comes with a promise of safety and a unique posh surface.

Simpolo Ceramics has carved its niche as a consistently growing organization with sheer innovation and passion rooted in simplicity. They are known for their innovation and newness in each component of tile designing. The brand has been constantly working on changing and innovating. Their latest technology and innovations in concepts and designing, with a highly customized product range, has made them the leading brand in the world.

Ricco Earth

‘IM+ Technology’ is their latest technology that removes uncertainties or doubts involving safety within the home and is being used for the first time ever in India. The technology helps the product surface repel any liquid and does not allow unwanted or harmful living organisms to stay or grow.

Ricco Moon

With this, they have introduced the Ricco collection which is made with iM+ Technology. This innovative collection is made with POSH Surface and consists of 18 extraordinary designs in two sizes 120×240 and 120×180. Laying your hands on the POSH surface will make you realize the elegance of the finish and you will understand how the ‘Posh’ feels like. With this innovation, one can overcome the myth that smooth surfaces get scratches and stains. Despite having unmatched smoothness, POSH Surface is resistant to scratches.

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  1. sir/madam
    plz explain me floor tiles rate & him quality
    i want make new distributor
    in alwar rajasthan district

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