Digital Tabloid Edition – June 2021 Issue 1 Vol 14

The Tiles of India Weekly Digital Tabloid Edition – June 2021 Issue 1 Vol 14

Architecture is about human emotions – creating, capturing and feeling them. This issue unravels this aspect with three engaging stories. We read about the renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who left an indelible mark with his vision of organic architecture. Then there is a retro bar from Bangalore, that attempts to create a  three leveled oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Textile design has always held a strong inspiration for ceramic designers, take a glimpse of what PIQUÉ ceramic collection by Designer José Manuel Ferrero that has to offer in its latest collection, a melange of textile design with lush ceramic concepts creating a unique sensory experience.  

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Drink N Dine restaurant

Drink N Dine restaurant designed by architect Apoorva Lekha

Architect Siddhina Sakla

Mystical Home designed by architect Siddhina Sakla