Mystical Home designed by architect Siddhina Sakla

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Architect Siddhina Sakla

Architect Siddhina Sakla of The Arch Studio has designed the ‘Mystical Home’ by blending contemporary sensibilities with a homely feel.

The Arch Studio is a young multi-disciplinary design studio, offering Architecture and interior design solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail projects. The firm was started by Ar. Siddhina Sakla Jain, who graduated from Pune, India and completed her Master’s in Urban Design at Sheffield University, UK. She devised her own design language through her varied experience in architecture and interior across London and Pune. She worked with eminent architects like Christopher Charles Benninger Associates, Pune, India and Nasser Gulzari Architects, London, UK, which specialises in sustainable Architecture in Palestine and also designed the parliament for Palestine.

Their latest project ‘Mystical Home’, is exquisitely curated 2700 sqft home with a fantastic balance of functionality and aesthetics. Defined by its geometric design seen in the sharp angles and mixed size segments, the space has a contemporary aesthetic while also exuding the newness of a charming and cosy home. These angular patterns are a key part of the design language, featuring in the flooring, ceiling, and paneling.

This design also allows each individual room of the house to have a distinct aura of the one who resides. “Mystical Home is a space that brings aesthetics and functionality together in a breathtaking symphony of clean geometric patterns with glamorous colours and textures. Each area of the home has a unique vibe to it, yet they blend together harmoniously, with the perfect juxtaposition of traditional with the contemporary. True to its name, the home is a mystical and copiously alluring space, with a strong design language that is nothing short of excellence”says the architect.

The client’s vision was of a space that was opulent yet modern. They wanted each space to have its unique vibe, with an emphasis on creating ample storage and flexibility. They wanted an air of minimalism, characterised by clean lines and patterns. In three short months, we created a home that blended contemporary sensibilities with a homely feel. Each room reflects the juxtaposition of aesthetics and functionality. Although the angular patterns of the flooring separate each space, the whole layout follows a design language that speaks to these dualities.

The lift lobby provides a wonderful space for one to enter and exit the home. An almost private waiting area which serves a public purpose as well, it gives a glimpse of tasteful choice of décor which is continued throughout the house. Minimal and clean, it is the perfect combination of aesthetic yet functional. The well-lit space provides not only a comfortable seating area for anyone awaiting the elevator, it also provides storage which can be used for various practical purposes.

The lights in the ceiling make sure to riddle the room with enough light without being too harsh or overpowering. With the exquisite patterned flooring and the gorgeous entrance, the space will leave one inquisitive to enter the house. The lobby features an elegant entrance to the house, and a lovely seating cum waiting area. The aesthetic of the space is a precursor to the look and feel of the home, which sets the bar high. The addition of the beautiful plants helps breathe life and colour into the space mainly dominated by neutral hues. The window at the end of the space provides a burst of natural light and air, basking the area with a warm and inviting glow.

The living room accents the beautiful geometrical pattern that is spread across the room, from the ceilings, to the walls and in the gorgeous white marble flooring. The pattern reflects the contemporary design language of the room. The alluring tones in the expanse, coupled with the tastefully curated pieces of furniture create a space that is welcoming, yet provides an exclusive tone of glamour.

The room includes a myriad of customized pieces of furniture which harmonise elegantly with the aesthetic of the space. The plants bring the room to life while also adding little pops of colour to the room. The intricate pattern across the space adds a dimension of colour and depth to the space, making it much more inviting and spacious, as well as the ideal welcoming spot.

An uber stylish take on a traditional living room, the space is filled with divine details. The lavish chandelier in the centre of the room instantly grabs one’s attention and elevates the atmosphere of the room to one of regal luxury. The intricate gold detailing, along with the exquisite pattern throughout the room, stands out in the warmly lit space. With a refined selection of bespoke sofas, the room is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also immensely practical.

The dining room has an intimate, yet luxurious setting with a table for six in a cozy nook, complete with statement upholstered chairs and a beautiful textured table. The window by the table provides the perfect natural lighting for a joyful meal with one’s family, while the exquisite pendant lamps suspended from the ceiling serve the perfect radiance in case one wishes for privacy.

A welcoming space which is as aesthetic as functional, this dining room steals hearts. The ultimate spot to unwind and have a nice laugh with loved ones, the terrace has a homey seating area by the nook. Complete with an artificial lawn, refreshing plants and a cozy throw with multiple cushions, the space is perfect to bask in sunlight, relax and enjoy company.

The bedroom features a contemporary and clean design layout, heavily emphasizing on the need for storage. A range of bespoke, luxurious pieces of furniture tastefully adorn the room, which also includes a beautiful reading nook by the window. With gold detailing on the wall panels and a lovely pattern which is continued on the flooring and in the upholstery, the room is an epitome of opulence.

The classiest way to relax, Opulent Reverie is a bedroom fit for royalty. In hues of gold, ivory and brown, it combines classic luxury with modern day practicality. It is an ideal spot for ultimate sanctuary.

This splendid bedroom features accents of gold throughout the space, making it look like the picture of grandeur.

A rectangular gold pattern has been used on the wall paneling, also continued on the curtains, cushions, flooring of the room, which gives a dramatic flair to the room withoutbeing too overpowering. The brown velvet hand tailored headboard is also a key featureof the room, alleviating the space to an almost royal-like feel.

This rectangular pattern is repeated in various elements throughout the room, to unify it and create an intimate space. It’s easy to make the pattern the focal point of your space. Create an intimate environment by using the same design elements throughout the room, The pattern is followed in the flooring, upholstery and in the wall panelling.

This pattern feels vivid and dramatic, without being overpowering or overstuffed. The bedroom’s focal point includes the sumptuous bed which is a haven for restful sleep. It is surrounded by walls which feature paneling in a rectangular pattern, along with beautiful crystal and gold wall sconces, which light up the room in the most seraphic manner. A combination of tasteful décor and rich colours, the room is the ultimate spot for rejuvenation.

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