8 tips to add glamour with decorative tiles

8 tips to add glamour with decorative tiles

Decorative tiles add pure magic when they are placed in your space. They are stylish, glamorous and give a true feeling of sophistication. Decorative tiles have been in trend because they are attractive and easy to install and maintenance-free. The vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns are hallmarks of today’s decorative tiles. They’re a creative way to dramatically transform backsplashes, shower and bath surround, floors, stair risers, tabletops, and more from ordinary surfaces into the highlight of a room. If you’re considering bringing these tiles into your house, you’ll be excited to discover nearly limitless designs, sizes, and shapes so you can create a look that’s one-of-a-kind. Some tiles feature stand-alone designs, while others fit together to form a stunning overall pattern like wallpaper.

Today, many brands have come up with an exclusive range of decorative and small size tiles. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, home bars, and more. Take a look at some inspiring options and discover stylish ways you can include these show-stopping creations in your home. So, here are eight tips to add glamour with decorative tiles.

>>Hand-made Decorative Tiles

Hand-made tiles remain an excellent choice for flooring, offering both beauty and durability. Use it to create easy-to-clean surfaces that stay cool underfoot. If you live in a climate with brisk falls and cold winters, find tile styles that offer the perfect material for radiant heating systems so you can step out of the shower onto a pleasantly warm tile floor. There are amazing colors that give a look one desires. From cool greys, whites, and blues to vibrant yellow, red, and orange, they are perfect examples of beauty. Place them in your living room surface or outdoor walkways or kitchen walls, tabletops, or bathroom walls, they are hard to ignore.  The hand-painted Moroccan lantern-inspired tiles in the kitchen continue from the backsplash to the island snack bar, providing a durable yet dynamic surface that can withstand shoe scuffs and scratches.

>>Mediterranean Magic

These tiles have a beautiful display with a border at the bottom and top of the backsplash. The border is made to embellish both floors and walls. These floor pieces usually come as a mosaic with a mesh-backed, which makes for easy installation. They are perfect for walls, chair rails, mural frames, and cornice moldings. Use them to separate a tiled wall into decorative sections. Some are high-fired ceramics. Others are molded limestone, a product that is several times softer than ceramic tile.

>>Marble Decorative Tiles

A mix of fine-cut traditional Calcutta and coffee-color marble tiles creates an intricate accent wall in this stunning walk-in shower. A full glass enclosure keeps the handcrafted surface on display to serve as a bathroom focal point.

>>Moroccan Treasure

Not all decorative tiles have to be new off the shelf. The Moroccan tiles that bring timeless charm to the family room are a focal point. Some vintage tiles you find,, will be relief tiles. Relief tiles can add striking accents to a tile design with their recessed or raised patterns. Be sure to keep maintenance in mind when using these tiles—their textures make them more difficult to clean. They are generally better suited for embellishing a wall design than ornamenting a floor pattern.

Shining Glass Tiles

Some decorative tile is all about shimmer, and this iridescent jewel glass tile adds dramatic dimension to a kitchen backsplash. The blue, green, and gold mosaic tiles come together as a swirl of leaves amid a flourish of reflective white tile. Glass tiles date back thousands of years, but new manufacturing methods have pushed this age-old product into modern design. Glass tiles are nonporous, which makes them easy to clean. However, glossy units scratch easily so they’re not recommended for floors or countertops. Use them as accents, setting them in rows or bands on backsplashes, walls, or stair risers. A wide selection of colors and patterns includes heat-molded varieties with three-dimensional textures.

Digital – Printing Decorative Tiles

Digital printing technology has perhaps provided the most exciting advances in tile design. Timber, stone, and concrete are just some of the finishes you can expect to see on porcelain and ceramic tiles – and many of them mimic not just the look, but the texture and natural variation too, often making them hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Geometric shapes – Statement Decorative Tiles

The texture is another key feature. There are three-dimensional tiles in neutral shades of black, white, and grey that use light and shadow to create visual impact, as well as clever interactive designs such as InStyle’s 3D modular Foliar tiles, which mimic the plants and flowers found in nature. For lovers of all things retro, we’re seeing a return to shapes with the 1960s and ’70s flair. The hexagons, rhombuses, chevron patterns, and other geometric shapes are among the top sellers. Other eye-catching designs to look for include fish-scale designs, penny-round mosaics, tiles that mimic the crackled effect of time-worn plaster, and ones made from recycled timber.

So  go  ahead and  glam your  space  with  these  decorative tiles !

Featured Image: Courtesy Peronda Group

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