Amazing bathroom designs by Kohler

Amazing bathroom designs by Kohler by Mark Bickerstaffe

Mark Bickerstaffe, Director of New Product Development, Kitchen & Bath Europe & Asia Pacific at Kohler presents some amazing bathroom designs


Evolving trends

Combination of colors and finishes for bathrooms is one of the key trends for natural colors and textures, vibrant but earthy and dusty colors, contrasting colors – indigo and blood orange, for instance, teals, dark wooden colors, black and silver color with lustrous mirrors in combinations of bright, copper, gold, bronze tints. The pleasurable lux-leisure feeling can be added to personal spaces by applying soft textures on the wall. As bathrooms continue to evolve, the products installed are also evolving in terms of the sophistication of the design, technology, and craftsmanship involved. The bathroom is fast becoming another living room.


Products as traditionally simple technology. Baths are true spa experiences with real massage therapies, Chroma, and music. Toilets are more and more hygienic with ever more effective cleansing, UV cleaning, as baths and toilets are being rejuvenated as experiences with E-water and intuitive touch interfaces to make the sophisticated functions easy.


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(This article was originally produced in The the Tiles of India Magazine, Jan-Feb 2017 issue)

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