Large scale tiles

Large-scale tiles by Artist Karina Eibatova

Artist Karina Eibatova has created large-scale tiles work for the restaurant and reception area of a hotel in Greece. The tiles have a magical jungle design and the motifs of nature, earth, and animal life.

At casa cook in Rhodes, eibatova has installed ‘magical jungles’ — a decorative drawing that depicts both real and imagined creatures amid a lush landscape of botanical life a tiled mural is positioned on the wall behind the reception area of the boutique hotel, eibatova has drawn large green leaves of various species and size-friendly figures and colourful birds can be seen walking through and resting on the trees in the restaurant, the mural continues with an expanded spread that sees large enchanted animals foraging through the jungle landscape. winged frogs meet quirky zebras and mythical birds, forming a curious and creative backdrop to the eatery. the tiled artwork reflects the vibrant, bohemian character of the hotel and its natural landscape, drawing from the unique flora and fauna of the surrounding environment.

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