Japandi Style House designed by Joanna Nowak

Joanna Nowak

Joanna Nowak, Paris-based and polish-born, 3D artist and set designer has partnered with Essential Home and DelightFULL to create a perfect minimalist house in Japan.

Japan is a beautiful country with an incredible culture, it is a country that stands out for its difference and its beauty. In interior design it is no different, the Japanese style is a very different style, a style where they often use imperfection in order to show their roots and scars from their past. Lately we have heard a lot about the mixture of the Japanese style with the Scandinavian style, more minimalist and comfortable. This combination of styles gave rise to the Japandi style (a union of Japan + Scandinavian).

Japandi is the best of both worlds, with the beauty of the Japanese style and the comfort of the minimalist style often used in Scandinavian countries. In this wonderful house in Japan, this style could not be better defined, by designer Joanna Nowak with pieces from Essential Home and DelightFULL, two luxury furniture and lighting brands inspired by the Mid Century style. Joanna Nowak, Paris-based and polish-born, 3D artist and set designer.

Through her work, she express an eternal passion for interior design, creating unique spaces where realism touches surrealism. Joanna plays with form, colour and structure. Her interiors dressed in marble, leather and steel – elegant and minimalistic with a pinch of mid-century modern – resemble sculptural structures.

In her own words: “it’s not just about technical perfection and photorealistic rendering, but about going beyond the boundaries of reality and expressing artistic vision.” Joanna in partnership with Essential Home and DelightFULL, created this wonderful project in Japan, a dream home! Composed of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and relaxation room, this house is perfect for meeting everyday needs as well as having moments of leisure and relaxation.

The natural materials bring a lot of harmony to this house, since it gives us the feeling of contact with nature. The choice of woods and marbles was not random, it was with a purpose, the purpose of personal well-being, keeping the luxury and the vintage way that is so close to the designer. “I wanted to create an interior which will differ from the image that is shown on social media. My intention was to show that the products can be used in different kinds of projects not only in luxury interiors but also in vintage style spaces. As mid-century modern is close to my heart I went in this direction.” The use of travertine stone is noticeable in this house, especially in the furniture.

This stone is synonymous with beauty and sophistication, it is quite a quality stone that is resistant to many external factors. A fantastic Beverley side table features a unique sculptural design made entirely of travertine stone. Featuring an artistic touch, its structure is inspired by the iconic lines of Italian design and architectural landmarks.

The Beverley side-table created by Studiopepe with Essential Home is a sculptural and artistic design that could easily be displayed in any of the world’s top galleries, making it a perfect statement piece for any design project. In Japan it is very characteristic to have open spaces as we have in the living and dining room.

The living room is predominated by the netros tons, as we can see the beige in Zelda single sofa and Marco sofa from Essential Home. The Marco sofa is the centerpiece of this room, this sofa brings you mid-century elegance with the sophistication of modern techniques and gorgeous materials. Made for the most luxurious rooms, Marco never disappoints with stunning polished brass and glossy black feet and incredible upholstery that is easily customizable.

The choice of products from Essential Home and DelightFULL made all the difference in this project, all the products are in tune with the Mid Century style that is so prevalent in this home. The dining room boasts of an incredible Alberto dining table, named after one of the finest personalities in Italian cinema (Alberto Sordi), the smooth curvilinear lines of the wooden legs of this unique table design are inspired by the architectural forms of Oscar Niemeyer’s concrete structures.

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